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Hair Follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by b-low, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. so i just learned today that because my mom and step dads divorce is goin extremely bad my step dad has taken the position of my assumed substance (if they only knew). anyways it has been stated that the possibility of a hair follicle drug test might be implemented to all family members. how do i pass this i have been toking for years straight every day. no clue if it is a definite and i do not know how long until the test
  2. Shave all ur hair like a swimmer!
  3. thought of that, would it work?
  4. nahh they will pluck the roots out of your scalp
    or i think they can take the hair from aNywhere in your body dont really have any advice but i think you might be fucked unless you use like NAIR on your whole body but that shit will burn and if your 18 then they cant really do anything just be like fuck you im an adult not your desicion if i smoke or not unless of course you live under there roof then they might just kick you out but who knows mabey they wont care
  5. there was a thread awhile back about something called the maccujo method or some word spelled similar to it. it involved washing your hair with a bunch of different shit but it worked for him
  6. Only thing i've read about beating a hair follicle test is quite extreme. I have heard of people bleaching their entire head and then dying it back to regular color about a day before the test.
  7. Last time I had a hair follicle test I shaved my head and they cut the hair from my armpit.
  8. Best idea would be just to shave it, because THC can stay in your hair for up to a max of 3 years. Interesting aint it

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