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    Exactly one week ago from today I submitted a hair drug test for pre-employment. I haven't smoked weed in about 5 years and other than that, I only took a diet pill called Synedrex which has nothing in it that would flag a false positive. Even the AMP Citrate is safe.

    My question is, the lab told me that they pretty much know their test turnaround time is anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. It's been a week and I've heard nothing from my employer and everything has cleared as far as physical and background checks go.

    Is it safe to assume that if for whatever reason I was flagged for a false positive that I would have been contacted by now with questions about it? With it being a week later, my blood work already came back and everything else cleared, I can't imagine that I'm STILL pending results from the hair follicle drug test.
  2. Sounds like you're in the clear.
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    Thanks bro. I feel like it. But I hate this silent wait. I figured I'd come here and ask the pros. I smoked weed for about 19 years and quit 5 years ago because my career path changed and I like money more than weed. I had to make the sacrifice. But this is the first hair follicle test I've ever had ran on me so I didn't know much about it. Sounds like if I were gonna hear anything about a false positive I'd have already been contacted. I'm ready to know I got this job in the bag!
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  4. Yea it's a good thing if they don't contact you about the test. It means you passed, I've never had an employer tell me I've passed.
  5. Thanks bro.

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