Hair follicle drug test. Need Help!?!

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  1. If my hair is already above 1.5inches before I had smoked(which is clean/haven't smoked for 6months) but then I smoked 2-3 weeks before my drug test (hair). Will I pass? I haven't cut my hair for 2-3months so the 1.5inches that already has grown shouldn't have drugs in them. Right? Because that time limit of growing was drug free. I should only be worried about the hair thats about to grow? So that means I should not cut my hair, because the hair that grows is the one with drugs in them and the hair above it, is the time without. I read that once hair grows its dead. Please help me. Correct me if im wrong. I just feel this is a logic point. Also I do know hair grows a 1/2 inch a month plus or minus more.

    ***Separated but can you answer both please****
    ***Weed I was smoking was in California****
    ******IM FREAKING OUT HERE*****

    Im a African American male. The length of my hair is 1.5 to 1.7 inches. I read that hair grows approxamilly 1/2 inch a month. I also read they only take 1.5inches to test and could test up to 5 years. The company only wants up to 3 months. My hair tends to grow slow. I ended up smoking on December 30 then Jan 1-2 of 2012-2013. After that I stopped, but before Dec30 I haven't smoked for 3-5 months. I have been working out starting Jan 4. My test isn't until 3-4weeks from now maybe even 2. My biggest question is. If I already have grown hair thats (1.5in) before the time I smoked, will I still pass? Please. Help me. I will greatly appreciated it.

    ***Is there any hair detox product that works? Went to a smoke shop and they told me All Clear works. Any good reviews on that?******
  2. no, shave all your hair EVERYWHERE or you'll fail.

  3. Please give me scientific reasons why because the hair thats already on my head1.6inches was from me not smoking. Not being an asshole just really need help
  4. they test the follicle, not the hair. that's the part that's most recently formed and is still under the skin. if you shave it all they got nothing to pull on and can't get the follicle out. i believe anyways.

    i don't think this belongs in the "introduce yourself" section bub.

  5. Thanks man. Yeah I didn't know where to post at first. Im a first timer. I took a hair test before and maybe because my hair was longer he didnt pull he just scrunched my hair together and cut it.

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