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  1. My hair is down to my shoulders.

    I dont recall what short hair feels like, as I've had this SAME :p hair for 4 years. But I just quit last month, and I need to look presentable for some employers.

    Goodbye hair... :(
  2. I know how that is, man. One day, I decided not to get a haircut. Two years and change later, my hair got past my chest, and then I had to cut it. I hope you decide to donate it to charity!
  3. im pretty sure for it to be donatable it has to be at least 10 inches worth of cut hair
  4. Yeah, I guess shoulder-length isn't enough. Mine was about 18" in the amount of shampoo or conditioner would get those damn knots out. I needed to cut it, I couldn't take the 25 min showers or the painful hair brushing anymore. Mad respect for girls, I don't know how you gals do it.
  5. many of us with the LOONG hair carry brushes with us...we brush thru-out the day...
    either that or keep it up
  6. Nah. No hair donation over here. Just a pair of scissors and clippers.
  7. That's why I let mine form into dreadlocks.
  8. The process is complete.

    It was a unique experience.
  9. nice. what's it like now?
  10. Short all around. A little longer on top. Still short though.

    On the drive home, I felt the air hitting the back of my head. My head was cold. Holy shit. It was such a foreign feeling. I am used to having a pillow surrounding my head.
  11. pics or it didnt happen. :D

    oh and remember the catchphrase... "Friends don't let friends get haircuts"
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    I dont own too many photos. I'd have to scour around.

    Maybe :p

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