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Hahahaha! A funny stoned moment!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Ok, I'm high and send my husband to the store asking for him to get some TV Dinners, just something I like to much on when I'm stoned. He comes back with frozen biscuits with white gravy and sausage over them (great munchie food), hash browns (great munchie food), etc. etc! I'm lmao....he doesn't even smoke, but is cool about it. Just funny that he made such good choices of munchie food not being a stoner :)
  2. Cool story sister.
  3. Doesn't that sound like good munchie food though? What do you guys like to eat when you're high? Pizza is good, too! LOL!
  4. It always seems foods come in perfectly when you get high. When I lived at home I would blaze and everytime I swear my mom would call and ask what I wanted or randomly show up with fast food...or ice cream, shakes...etc etc... I guess when we're high we welcome any food with bigger arms.
  5. I like to create the most awkward fuckage of edible contents in my kitchen.
  6. The funnier thing about this story is you actually enjoy TV dinners. Grossssss.
  7. I like pizza hut when I'm high. Half hawaiian bbq half buffalo chicken :p
  8. i just ate a whole bag of tostitos with lime lol
  9. Hahahaa! You guys are cracking me up! Crisk21, I love a hawaiian pizza from dominos when high....pineapple and canadian bacon....yours sounds good, too!
  10. Dominos is one of the closest things to heaven when you are high. hahaha
  11. Yes, it is! I like Pizza Hut more, but they don't deliver where I live. Man, Pizza Hut's deep dish pizza is da bomb!
  12. I think it's just because you're high, so everything looks a lot better then it actually is.
  13. see, relationships that work like that..they last.
  14. My girlfriend and I make a lot of 1-2 AM trips to Sheetz. Normally I don't go near Sheetz food, but when everything else is closed and you want junk food, their nachos or chili cheese fries are the bestttt. :D
  15. Awwww, Nachos when you're high are da chit! Especially with peppers? Lawd have Mercy! LOL!
  16. Late night waffle house runs are pretty beast too. :D
  17. Awww, especially from Waffle House....we sooo need a Waffle House! The pecan waffles...dayem, I'm getting hungry! LOL!
  18. pepperoni (sp?) hot pockets....
  19. Hahahaha! Do you know I can't eat those things? I just don't like them for some reason...maybe I'll try again when I'm high! LOL!

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