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  1. So llast night was a first for me. I decided to go out to a party, have a couple drinks and return to my beloved house as normal. All went well at the party, had a good time and I didn't have to bus all the way across town to get back (someone gave me a ride).

    I got home and I realized that I'm not drunk enough to fall asleep right away. So what do I decide to do?


    Now it's like 2 am and my parents are asleep so I do what I normally do in these situations. I climb out my window.

    (This is the set up of my window escape route. I'm on the second floor of the house btw. I have to grab onto the window sill and shimmy my way across it until I can reach a protruding part of my house which is actually my fireplace i found out. Then just hang down off that and drop 2 feet)

    Getting out was easy and as I'm walking to the shed (where I keep my "tools") I reach into my pocket and realize I don't have the key with me. fuck. So I'm just thinking "I'll just climb back in, get the key and climb back out"

    On my way back up I was holding up my body on the protruding part of the house with my arms and I feel my left one start to sag! Turns out my hand was on the corner where there's shingles but no wood underneath.

    My body hits the ground (specifically my head, hips and foot) and I'm like "fuck". So I climb back into the room eventually and look at myself in the mirror. Big black eye, my hip fucking hurts like a bitch and i may have broken both my pinkie toe and the little guy next to him.

    Lesson: Don't put your hand on the corner to hold up your body.
  2. Haha pretty funny man. How are you gonna explain that black eye?
  3. Man atleast you didnt fall through you roof, I fell through a soft spot we were fixing that even said DONT STEP HERE in bright red. Broke my leg and 2 ribs lol.
  4. lol cool story bro
  5. Easy! I like doing handstands and have gotten pretty good at them. I've been trying to start in a sitting position and try to go into a handstand from there. I'll just say I nailed my face on the ground on a wipe out.

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