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Discussion in 'General' started by OneLoveRasta, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. so these kids were smokin me out on a blunt, and when it was almost gone this one kid was like "yo man you want the roach"
    so i said yeah, thinking they meant to smoke later or some shit
    then hes like eat the roach dude
    so im like fuck no thats disgusting.
    mother fucker takes the LIT roach and just pops it into his mouth

    they tried to convince me that it worked if you kept it lit because the heat is activated from the cherry or some shit

    please tell me im right?
    that wouldnt work
  2. I think you'd just get a nice burn inside your mouth if you did that. Why not just smoke the roach like a normal person would do? lol

    No man, that wouldn't work.
  3. well i dunno if that would work, but even if it did...who would do that? a lit roach?

  4. That just doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I try to keep burning things away from my body, especially sensitive areas like my mouth
  5. I'm suprised he didn't get a burning sensation in his throat
  6. yes, there is a negligible amount of heat "activated" weed right next to the cherry.

    but ive only eaten the roach for comic effect,

    there's no real effect that youll get from it.
  7. that's crazy, first he'd burn his mouth, second even if he managed to swallow
    it without burning himself what good would it do?

    ..it's not enough weed to even do anything :confused:
  8. those kids are stupid. it doesn't work.
  9. Hot rockets are one thing. Eating a fucking blunt roach is quite another :hide:
  10. I doubt there s much oxygen inside your stomach. Also pretty much as soon as it hits the moist walls of his insides it is going to be put out.
  11. haha, kids...personally i toss the roach cause it tastes like shit and is all good up with resin...if i want to smoke more ill jus roll another dutch with some fresh herb

  12. "is you silly? never throw the doobie away. Ya waste no dank when ya blownin' with dre."

    -Mac Dre
  13. i collect them roaches. then when im out of herb, ill roll a roach blunt...
    its nasty as hell unless you have a strong flavored blunt but it gets the job done.
  14. what an idiot he is :rolleyes:
  15. well i aint mac dre, but RIP regardless
    thats all i can say, ima herb connoisseur, so resonated weed, doesnt cut it for me
    go 'head and direct your pot snob comments towards me, its just how i feel about the situation.
    when i was younger id smoke those fuckers down till my fingernails burnin' like master p haha
    "true *****z keep roaches in they ash tray"
  16. i swallowed a joint roach oin accident.

    it didnt burn or anything.

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