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  1. So yesterday at school me and my buddy were doing our daily ritual of blazing at lunch and upon returning stoned as fuck a teacher calls my friend over and has a chat with him about something random...she notices he's caked so we get hauled down to the main office and had to wait to get seen.
    Now i was still carrying the rest of the weed on me in my pocket so i sneaked it outta there, took off my shoe and put it in there and then put the shoe back on my foot, got hauled in, got searched, my bag and pockets(dude was huge and the weed wasn't there anyways so it didn't matter) and then kicked outta school for a handful of days.
    My dad smokes up too so he didn't care about the "trouble" so i got no problems at home, and now i have today off and guess what i'm doing, blazing, on the computer and eating some jelly beans and later i'm seeing my guy for a few g's:rolleyes: yup such a punishment.lmao sorry stoned an found it funny:smoke:
  2. dude, school punishment never ever counts as punishment. thats pretty damn strait man. im jealous actually. i want some weed and jelly beans.
  3. I got lots of nug....

    But no jelly beans :(
  4. you plan on killing yourself dont you? because thats what youre going to have to do once you get out of high school, if you even finish high school that is. kids these days need to learn that it may be all fun and games in school but once you get out into the real world you will soon learn those "fun times" getting kick out of school was just wasted time that you could have been using to better yourself.

    i really pittly you if you think that its funny. you give pot users a bad name.

  5. That's a little harsh, isn't it? We all did stupid stuff when we were kids.
  6. While i agree with you too some extent i think that your being a little extreme, I smoked pot daily at school my sophomore/junior year, only because i had a car and i could easily leave and hangout with my friends to smoke. It severely hurt my grades, one because as soon as i left it made me want to just skip the rest of the day, and two because the school was so shitty but that's a different story.

    Moral is, be responsible, and don't get caught. Public education is a joke, but you dont need a school to learn. Be your own teacher and learn things yourself. Read and study. Prepare for the future. If you don't have a trade skill or sometihng your good at then your just like everyone else. Find something that makes you happy and go with it.
  7. I never understood how they suspend kids that mess up. If anything, they need MORE education so they should keep them there!
  8. I have neither :cry:
  9. I never smoked during school.
    Because, you see I went to an alternative school when I was in 7th grade.
    So I never experienced being stoned at school.
    Thats what happens when you kick your English teacher because she made you sit in the hallway..:eek:
  10. never said smoking pot is badm but letting it ruin your education and then finding that funny is just stupid.
  11. I thought I was the only one who thought that.. self-taught / inspired produce clerk here. Oh how I love my life..

  12. hint:high school is a joke
  13. that "joke" will determine how well the rest of you life turns out career wise, without a highschool diploma youll be a janitor or a fry cook. unless you invent something or become a celebrity high school is important.
  14. holy shit holy shit wtf.

    you need to relax.

    I dont know about the old days but now a days high school is a joke. I was drunk and high/coked out/poppin painkillers/eating sheets of benadril every day.. and i passed with a 3.0. If you show up to high school you will just do fine.

    So relax.

    and yes.. I go to college 15 hours a semester, work 25 hours a week at an international courier service, and still maintain a 4.0 now.

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