Haha, check this site out.

Discussion in 'General' started by cronickid, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. not this again
  2. Barely ever neg rep but...
  3. Click it!
    I'm in a race.
    We bet weed!
    Must win. CLICK
  4. you kids sure are stupid..

    how about going outside and meeting some real life girls? :laughing:
  5. so the 'cronickid' and 'kronickid' thing is just a coincidence:rolleyes:
  6. 'kid' being the main thing here

    put your boner away and stop geeking over some naked chick on the internet
  7. ^^^lol

    shes not even that hot
  8. There's nothing wrong with having fun with your (a man's) dick, SmokinGirly.

    Just...this is weak.

    Go to Pornhub and watch some REAL nudity and penetration.

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  9. I'm desensitized to most main stream porn. Seen it all, nothing shocks or surprises me anymore. Except when my neighbor tried to put an anal plug in me - other than THAT, I'm numb to most things - no pun intended :p
  10. lol! its all about maxporn noob!
  11. i dunno man, she is nowhere near my ideal type but i have a raging hard on as i type
  12. the majority of us heterosexuals would say that girl is hot as fuck
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    Haha the whole gallery is up.

    Shes cute...tight little body...nice ass. Nothin special...normal skinny modern girl

    Man after lookin at all those pics...us guys are pervs. We want a visual of like every angle haha

    give her about 25lbs more and were gettin somewhere though ;)
  14. nobody here can say you wouldnt fuck her.. shes fuckin hot.
  15. i'd grass her city for sure
  16. ya know it be easier to do this shit if she had a nicer rack...:D
  17. I've seen the pics of the liz/kate whatever you wanna call her. They are alright, but fuck... This is the internet. You know how much porn you can look at?!

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