had to walk in blazing heat in an unknown neighborhood high as fuck today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 8MilesHigh, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. so today i went to my friends house to hit his like 2 foot tall bong with my other friend. i hadnt smoked with the kid whos house it was for over a year, and with the other kid for over 6 months. but they are two of my original stoner friends, so we go back ya know. so anyways, i take 2 huge rips and get absolutely blasted. my friend whos house it was dad said he could only have friends over after he got home though, so i had to leave and come back after like 20 minutes so he would think i was just getting there. so i had to walk around this neighborhood, in like 95 degree heat, literally tripping out. it wasp probably the highest ive ever been, or at least in my top 5. my high ended up lasting like 5 hours. my friends apologized for making me leave, and its cool because i mean they did smoke me out. but ya, shit was crazy.
  2. Cool story bro. srsly.

    Are you scared of walking through uncharted territory or something?
  3. Similar thing happened to me recently, and yeah it sucks.

    I wasn't moved in at all and I had to stay the night at my new apartment. It was in the 90s, we had no air condition, I had no fan, and I had to sleep on an inflatable mattress with no cover. I also forgot deodorant. I woke up to walk a half hour to class and decided to just skip. Faced a bubbler and needed cigs, so I decided to go on a journey to find my favorties. Ended up walking from Northern Liberties in Philly around Center City and back. As I was getting back to my complex, some dude on the street just said to me in passing, "Damn man, hot enough for you?", and I agreed. As I get back to my apartment I look down at my pits and see fucking sweat stains from the pits to about halfway down my shirt.

    Finding shade that day was fucking impossible.
  4. i race in 100+ degree heat. 90 with just clothes on isnt to bad, but ye it sucks.
    you should have chilled out right behind his house.
  5. yeah I live in socal too.\
    Hot as Hell today:mad:
  6. 90 degrees? Whoa whoa whoa you make us in Arizona with 110 look like it's snowing over here.
  7. or you can come to arkansas where humidity is damn near 100% with it being like 100 degrees. its like as soon as you step outside your instantly sweating atleast a little bit lol
  8. One-upmanship is fun
  9. i always have brass knuckes on me so yeah..i dont really have tis problem.
  10. no i wasnt scared of getting jumped or something lol i was just really high and dehydrated and also felt like i was getting lost, although somehow i made it back to his house perfectly lol. guess its that high sixth sense.

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