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Had to mix synyhetic urine with my own dirty urine (drug test)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner stevie, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. So I was just wandering if anyone else had experience with this. I've got a pretty important job on the line and was told to go in for my drug test yesterday. I grabbed an old bottle of xstream urine that I saved and headed to the clinic. My time comes up, and my fake bottle of piss is poured in the cup, and I'd say it filled it up 80% of the way to the line. I was scared that she may throw away my good sample so I decided to mix in a little of my urine. Based on what I've read before regarding drug tests, the majority of the thc is at the beginning or end of your stream so I made sure to get the middle and only add a little. I imagine that there wouldn't be enough thc in the dirty sample to even register considering the cup was mostly full with synthetic to begin with.
    Just curious if anyone else has mixed dirty with clean or heard anything about it. I imagine it's a lot like diluting your piss with water except In This situation, I diluted it with fake urine.

    Thanks, and I'll make sure to post results.
  2. Once you mix your own urine you contaminate it... About a year ago I had a drug test for an internship that I moved across the country for. I made the mistake of mixing just a little. I even poured some out and put more synthetic in. About a week later I got called by the office telling me I failed. They said I could retake with the other bottle they split the urine into. I denied since I figured it would come out the same, but either way my job called me down to the office...gave me a teddy bear (the office unfortunately was Disneyworld) and said try again next time.
    Please do update with how your results came out and if I was just really unlucky :( good luck!
  3. Yea man you failed the test if your piss was dirty. Should of just said this is all i could produce. I could come back at a different time if this is not sufficient. But to late for that, you fucked
  4. So I got a call today, telling me that I did in fact fail my drug test. Lesson learned, don't mix your goddamn dirty piss with clean piss, you'll still fail. Hope this helped someone :)

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