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Had To Hide Pipe From Cops...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GreenTeaFtw, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. SWIM was pretty stoned/drunk and SWIM was walking on a main road to go get subway.
    Now these cops were driving down pretty slow looking like they were looking at SWIM and others, but SWIM thought nothing of it. Then they did a u-turn and came back around to see SWIM and others. They did this twice until SWIM got so sketched out SWIM had to hide SWIMS pipe in a near by bush. When SWIM and others walked back from subway the cops were right near this bush and SWIM could not grab the pipe. 
    It's now the following day, shall swim get it or too risky in daylight? 

  2. stop saying swim omfg
  3. who the fuck is swim and why is swim important???
    I think you mean "Suck SWIM off" 
  5. Go get it.
    But we don't have to say SWIM here, SWIM is usually used on forums with discussion of more "delicate" topics/drugs.
  6. SWIY Should go drunk driving every night. You know, out-do oneself every night.
  7. Might have to do this then.
  8. OP is a moron

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  9. Ikr.
  10. SWIM is a moron.
  11. We goin' swimmin' or something?

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