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    I'm very new to all this and I just tried to grow my first plant. Unfortunately, I had to cut my plant down early. I'm just wondering if it can still be smoked. Some of my pistons are amber but most are still a light green. I'm not sure how to add photos on here or I would take a photo for you veterans. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
  2. be nice if we had some pics OP
  3. Yea sorry, I got some up now.
  4. dry it out and smoke, that experience itself is better than anyone on the internet opinion OP
  5. Thanks mate,
    Umm about that, any idea how I should go about that. Also do I have to trim more leaves, I'm not very sure how all this works like I said before first time, sorry.
  6. eh... it'll get you high but you probably ended up with half the weight you woulda had in another 2 weeks :/
  7. All the videos I'm watching talk about nuggets and how to dry them. My plant doesn't have any thing like what the videos show. I understand I cut way early, but if some one could explain to me a little better what to be cutting or even when to know when its really that would really help. Also should I cut them off the larger stem or leave them on it.
  8. depends, if it's warm and dry you want to leave the stem on, the idea is to let it gradually dry to ~50% humidity over a week or so.

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