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  1. So my connect texts me today telling me that hes good again because he has been dry for a couple weeks. So i ask him if hes good for a quarter and he says yeah meet me here(some guys house).

    When i get to the house i knock on the door and some girl answers the door yelling at me. I realize who it is finally and understand what shes talking about.

    This girl is one of the guys i work (D) girlfriend(E). Now i acouple months ago i went to this same house and she was there, I wasnt expecting to buy from her but i ended up buyin a 40 piece. (skimped me the f out). I didnt say anything directly to her but she knew i was disappointed.

    Her boyfriend D doesnt like that she smokes weed and she also lies to him about it. Now i guess D found out that she was selling bud as well as smoking and finally dumped her because she was screaming "F***you Sam, I know you told D that i sell. " And I keot saying listen i dont know what youre talking about. And she kept saying"Stop lying i know tyou told him but i really didnt.

    So i walk up stairs because she tells me my friend is up waiting, i pick up the bud and then E walks into the room ans say" You're cute sam." and i say oh thanks.."if it makes me any cute i didnt tell D"

    And she says "not really"

    Well now that i know she thnks im cute, how do i hook up? Shes fine as hell by the well.

    synopsis: Coworkers ex girlfriend told me i was cute but thinks i told her ex boyfriend that she sells bud and he dumped her because of it. I didnt snitch tho. What do i do?
  2. Side notes: after she says not really the convo kind of dies off. I dont know this guy too well so i never really chill at the house i see her at.

    the guy also gave me a 6.6 g 1/4 for 110. will post pics later
    He told me he would give me a free bag because one time i went to his house and he fell aslepp on me. still only received a 6.6 . Should i mention?
  3. It's all up to you Paperplanes11............................It always has been my son,You decide your own outcomes.:bongin:
  4. I was expecting a crazy story not your life problems man :smoke:
  5. [quote name='"2Stoned2Talk"']I was expecting a crazy story not your life problems man :smoke:[/quote]

    Lol it was crazy for me because she was screaming as accusing me of doing something. You don't expect that when you go pick up..at least I don't
  6. Man the fuck up dude, they can't get away with skimpin u theyll keep doin it if u dont mention it
  7. Heres what you do, next time you go over there, pick up your bag, say "yo this bag is light, you said you would spot me a couple g's and you never did, plus this is the third light bag you gave me, if you ever want me to buy weed from you again, buy a fucking scale." then grab that fine ass bitch you were talkin about, and bounce.
  8. What should i say to this guy? "Hey man, i picked up a scale, mind weighing it?"

    I always thought it was kinda weird sasking ur dealer to weigh it but I guess i have to now.

    And im finna spit some game to this bitch, ddont know when ill see her but i hope im high cuz my words are smooth when im cookin.
  9. red pill or blue pill
  10. Start getting that ish weighed out in front of you. 6.6 I hate when people do that give me my whole 7. Give him 104
  11. yeah dude if you ask for a quarter, make sure it's a fucking quarter. get what you ask for.
    next time you grab ask to see it scaled because you know he chinces you
  12. I'm high as fuck and this made no sense to me.

    So you went to pick up from some random ass house. Upon arriving you meet a previous dealer who is a hot as fuck weed dealing wonder woman. She ripped you off for a 40 sack and therefore thinks you told her husband. I don't get why the fuck she cares if her husband is now smoking and dealing, why would she be annoyed about that? Sounds like a positive?

    After denying the accusations you go up to meet this scarface style dealer upstairs who does something, forgive me it was a fat joint. So after grabbing your bud you head back outside but are stopped by the woman from before. She calls you cute and then there's a grammatical error.

    So now your gonna slay some snatch. Sam is my dealers name and he's the most honest chill cunt I've ever met. I can't help but picture you as him.
  13. THIS :hello:

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