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  1. Well first off I'm new to the scene and this site. Being doing some reading here the last few nights trying to learn the rope as I go. Long time smoker always loved pot plants and enjoy growing banana plants in my back yard and other tropicals. I live in BC.

    First some background. I can home from holiday's and the neighbor kid show me some little sproutlings he had so I ask him if I could have them. I got these at the beginning of July. I just had them outside for the balance of the summer getting full sun all day in my backard. Had 5 and my wife over watered while I was on holiday's and killed all but one....I know, the humanity. Strike one wifey,

    For a while I just had it growing in a cardboard box downstairs lined with tin foil and a singe 6400 L 60W. In some organic potting soil I already had in the shed. For some fertilizer I just used some miracle grow and bought some tomatoe fertilizer. Watered twice in between nutes while having it on a 18/6 in my basement. Well I knew at some time I had to flip it to a 12/12 and would start to smell a bit so I knew I would need to make a bit of a actual cabinet to for it.

    Cabinet I made is 3'x2'x4'. Using 2-4" 50CFM fans. I is mounted at bottom of cabinet to blow straight up and be protected from light when off. I made a filter from with charcoal cloth ( Honeywell) from the depot and some mesh I had. Copied the styel from one of the threads on here. Used 4" PVC to and attached it to my exhaust fan which pulls the air through and out the back of the cabinet.

    For lights I have 4 60W 2700's and one larger 100 W 2700 with one 100W incandecent to bring my temps up a bit. I have now flipped after reading on here.lol. I have had this thing on 6400k and 18/6 from july-just days ago. I never had any idea how long to wait to flip it. It was only till I recently started researching all this that I found out people only do this for about a month.

    So, anyways attached are some pictures. Let me know thoughts. I'm still reading daily so I have only started to really read about PH, humidity and things like tha so this was absolutely bare bones before. Who knows how it will do in the end but I'm learning as I go.

    Currently 75F Humdity 72F- now have noticed it has gone down to almost 62.

    Bottom pic is a close up of the lower leaves. Kind of spotted and wilted...almost dried out. It gets water.


    I used a incandecent to raise temps. What else could I use?

    I hear Molasses being used as a nute. What kind and what for?

    As I have found out these things can double to tripple with followering is it too late to try and trim this thing down? I'm afraid it will out grow my own cabinet.

    Thanks for lookin!

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  2. no...nothin?
  3. Spots are from a magnesium shortage. Nothing to worry about now, but keep an eye out for it to return during the 2nd to 5th weeks of flowering. The soil looks pretty dense, with little to no aeration material. It could be that you have some root rot or overwatering going on. That might have contributed to past overwaterings which would have been avoidable with enough perlite.

    Room looks good. I think a dehumidifier would have a place in there, especially if you're looking for a source of heat. In time maybe you could add a couple of 2 foot T5 lights, at 18" wide and 24" long you could have two of them in there; you could get a couple for the sides also. $300 in T5 lighting would go a long way in there and I think is an option at $50 per month for 6 months given the growth benefits.

    I really think you need to ditch the incandescent and go with more CFL bulbs. Keep them as close as you can. Definitely within 6 inches, and more like 2 inches.

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