Had my first lucid dream!

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    Well, I had been trying to lucid dream like a year earlier but it didn't work, I had a dream journal and everything (which is awesome, because when you read them like a year later it's sick).

    Out of the blue, like a week ago I went to bed not even thinking about lucid dreams. It was a really weird dream, I was in a schooley environment (desks, that tile floor that every school has), and there was a closet and a was looking in it and finding all my clothes in the school closet and being like "How the fuck are my clothes at school?". (That might have triggered the lucid part later?). Anyways, then I meet this chick that I used to know a looong time ago and she says she likes me and we should date, I agree, and walk upstairs feeling like I accomplished something great. I'm walking upstairs, and it's like a Newfoundland house, really skinny staircase and it only leads to a washroom, with a sink and a mirror. (The mirror could also have triggered it) I look into it and I'm like "Oh shit I'm dreaming... I'm fucking lucid!" Then I kept trying to not think too hard because I didn't want to wake up. I tried to make fire with my hands, but it didn't work, but when I moved my hands sideways it turned the world that way, like swimming, when you push the water away, except that was the world. It was so awesome, then I woke up and was like :D

    Anyways, that's what happened.

    Any of you guys ever had a lucid dream before?

    EDIT: Of course after I post this I see another lucid dreaming thread. Goddammit.
  2. Congrats on becoming lucid! Are you going to keep the dream journal or what? I am trying to decide if I want to do that or not. It's kinda a hassle to remember when you first wake up. I have been lucid sometimes for short periods of time, and I fly around in my normal dreams. Mostly, I have vivid dreams, but these lucid ones have less clarity. I just become lucid without doing anything like you. I guess we just naturally test reality. I had my most vivid lucid dream a couple of months ago. I became lucid because my dream was chaotic. Everything was white and there was no floor/ceiling/walls, and there were random things flying around in the air, but not hitting each other or me. It was just weird. I didn't know what to do, so I woke up.

  3. Yeah I'm gonna keep doing the journal, I agree it's a hassle though, but I'll do it anyways because it's fun. It gets pretty annoying when you're on a tight schedule though, but I think it's worth it. My journal is about 3 inches by 6 inches? It's pretty small, and I usually use about 3/4 of the page. Also remember to put the date :p
  4. i want to start doing this...any suggestions on how to start?
  5. i keep a DJ i just scribble random shit from my dream, didn't know you had to write exactly what happens in your dreams i had a semi-lucid dream before, i wasn't sure if i was lucid or not, (brain wasn't working at 100%)
  6. I've only had 2 lucid dreams that I can remember. The first one was kind of scary, I was in control but I wasn't at the same time. I kept walking in and out of "my" room which was really a room in the same layout as mind. Except everytime I walked in it was decorated and painted differently. I got really frustrated because I couldn't find my room. I must have done this at least 10 times. I turned to a mirror in the room and see my reflection and start yelling at myself to wake up. The other one was really short because I got excited.
  7. that's awesome dude.
    i became self aware of a few dreams before but i wasn't ever able to maintain them... it's probably because i got too excited.
  8. I heard just to fall asleep after you wake up again, and the one time I lucid dreamed (about a month agot) it worked!

    My dream was pretty similar, although I don't remember most of the dream today, but it's still cool.

    I first remember it starting at my old high school lol. I'm in my old english class and I am trying to sleep in my dream until the bell rings to start the class. Well I have my head down on my backpack (it was very vivid and my current backpack lol) and all the sudden this bitch, who is hot, wakes me up and I get kind of mad. Well this is the part where I realized I was dreaming and didn't wake up. She starts talking and we talk and stuff and out of no where she says "yeah theres a lot of sexual tension between us isn't there". I was amazed because it had nothing to do with what we were talking about.

    After this it's unclear, but I do remember that I didn't get lucky lol, and to be honest I have never really been that attracted to this girl, she was just randomly there and talking. It felt like other people were in the room but we were the only "real" people there. I tried to control stuff as well, but I just couldn't do it for some reason, and that's seriously all I remember. I'm going to start a dream journal now, thanks for the idea.
  9. I've had a lucid dream where it also started when I was in some classroom. I was sitting in the desk when all the sudden I realized "why am I in school right now, it's night time" As soon as I realized I woke up though, and my body was in sleep paralysis. I couldn't move any of my body parts for a good 20 seconds. I just sat there thinking "wtf".......
  10. Lucid dreams are becoming the norm for me, regular dreams are the rarity now. And I haven't had any melatonin in about a week! :hello:
  11. I had a lucid dream once and only once. I just realised I was dreaming, everything just snapped into focus and it felt like real fucking life. I proceeded to sprint upto a man of my subconcious, punch him in the face and then kick a red car. I quickly woke up freaked out about the whole situation, I hope it happens again and I can have more control over the thing.
  12. I only had lucid dreams when I was on heavy pain medication (due to a surgery) and had many of them. Only one that I can remember...it was a nightmare....it started out like this: me and my best friend were smoking in my sauna, i go out of the sauna room to check myself in the mirror, and see my eyes blood shot red, I'm like 'fuck yeah' so i go back into the sauna room, and for some real random fucking reason everyone stoner i knew was toking up (even though I never smoked with most of them), so I'm like okay and I take a couple hitswith them and everyone is having a good time, until I realize that this is impossible (why am I smoking with these people; how did I get here?), so then I ask myself am I dreaming, I ask this one chick (in my dream) 'am I dreaming?' she replied 'what? no', and I'm like 'yes I am', then everybody goes silent and start staring at me making me very uncomfortable (at this point I forget that I'm dreaming, and start bugging the fuck out, I run out of the room, and realize I'm in a lobby of some huge office building (never been there before), and I'm like 'wtf?', i suddenly become extremely clausterphobic for some reason, and keep going through exit doors, and ending up in different places as if there were no end, each time I go through a door I look back to see that the door isn't there, and keep continuing to try to get out, at this point I realize I'm trapped forever as I keep travelling through parallel dimensions of space. My heartbeat is through the roof, and all I wish for is to be out in an open field. I then realize again that this is only a dream, I have some contact with my body but not fully functional. I try to open my eyes, but they won't open for some reason, after some extremely hard concentration I manage to open them, and for 2 seconds I see things double layered 1: the environment of my room, and the second: the environment of my DREAM, I swear to god I've never been so afraid (even though it was a dream) I was drenched in sweat, and my hard was pounding not fast, bust extremely hard at a normal pace, as if it were to burst out of my chest.

    Not that scary if you read it, but it was one of those situations if you were there, it was like that. WORD.
  13. I had sleep peralysis for the first time the other night, I dreamt I was in black ops on firing range hahaha then I left in an attack helicopter and went to this hot ass girls house and she started to suck my dick then I woke up thoroughly disappointed.......

  14. I've always been afraid of that happening, if you say outloud your dreaming and everyone in your dream stares at you, like in inception. That would make me piss my pants lol.
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    I usually lucid dream. I love fighting zombies. Anyway. I found that after I had major surgery and was on pain killers for 3 weeks that it was the new norm for me. To get the Zombies I usually need to watch a movie before bed. I lucid dream but if I change the story to much I do wake up so it has be a zombie dream to begin with. It stinks. You have to stay in that "Comfortably Numb" state of mind. Think to much and I wake up.
  16. dreamviews.com itll teach you everything u need to know, ive been doing it for years
  17. I'll check it out. Spent 15 minutes there already but it's time for bed.

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