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had been smoking dro for the last two weeks or so, bought a bag of some high-mids...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RetarrrdedTexas, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. real earthy tasting, nice and crystally, though not as pretty as the stuff i had been been buying.. but fuck.. i coudn't believe it, the middies got me higher than i'd been getting, wtf, i guess the change of quality threw my tolerance off...

    for reference by high mids i mean the $140 an ounce stuff in texas.. "popcorn" hate that slang... and the dro is just your normal dank, 20 a g stuff...
  2. I wish I could find some =( Where abouts in texas are you? When I find someone selling mids here it's usually brown/dark green shit that probably came in brick form.
  3. LOL he used the term "DRO"

    I also live in texas and if it aint that mexican shit which is $40 an oz here...The good DRO (HAHA) is top dollar depending yer connect is between $350 and $450 an oz
  4. I smok dr0 tweny fo sevn!11
  5. mids are deceiving...ill pick them up every now and then for blunts if im short on money and sometimes those mids will have me strait geeked...for about 20 min. but for those 20 min i have the most intense head high

  6. Damn getting about 250 an oz up here in oregon from my dealer for some AK-47, white widow, purple haze, and occasionally some black widow
  7. ^^ When I lived in PA i used to get my oz for about 200 to 220. But since moving to a border city here in texas. The mexican weed is everywhere and soo dam cheap. But all the grade A weed here is all top dollar. I think its crazy over priced but from reading other threads it seem to be the norm.
  8. Sometimes the change in cannabinoid levels fucks with you a little bit.

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