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  1. tonight me and my boy got a 1/8 from a friend'd friend. when we went to meet the guy, he strolled down the street with the sack in his hand like it was a damn cell phone or something. he walks up and asks us our names, and when we tell him, he gives me the weed and lets me check it out. he tells me that ill be amazed. he also told me if i wanted any more to hit him up.

    well, me and my homie make our way to my house, when i realize i didnt have my key on me. this results in me kicking in my window screen to get in. once i climb in i put the screen in and go get our paraphanelia. we were planning to smoke at our "spot" but it was too late and im allready in some shit with my mom from 2 days ago. so, i tell my friend to go let his mom know that he'll be spending the night at my house. he comes back with some clothes and his iPod. my mom asks him why the hell he came over with all with his clothes and thought that he ran away from home. i told her that hes spending the night and we'll be in the basement so we wont disturb her. we set everything up, i make a sploof, and waited for my mom to go sleep. we opened a window and had a fan directed at us and some perfume (lol).

    about 30 mins after she goes to sleep my bro calls up and says hes spending the night with his kids over here so his girlfriend can sleep because shes starting a job tommorow, ha after 5 years of doing nothing. so he comes in the house, and hes like "ok ill take the basement." i looked at him and was like dude im staying down there with a friend, so he said hed take my room. me and my boy make our way downstairs and start packing the bowl. i take the first hit, and after 2 weeks of not having weed, and this shit being pretty fuckin dank, i allready started feeling an uplift in mood. i was thinking hell yea dude, its been a long time.

    well, were passing the bowl a few times, and my friend gets so fucked up he throws up INTO the damn sploof. so im like fuck it lets just blow the smoke out of the window. well after we smoke some more bowls, i decide to take a monster hit and kill the last bowl. well, the hit knocked me out, and i leaned back, hit a rocking chair, stumbled into the wal, and fell into the rocking chair and rolled over, with my friend laughing his ass off. this is at like 2 in the morning mind you. my mom comes down and asks what the hell we're doing. well, she smelled the perfume i sprayed when we were blowing the smoke out of the window. she asked me if i was getting high off perfume, and i told her no, and that you CANT get high off perfume. she doesent believe me and says shes going to send me to rehab LOL. oh well, its a crazy night and i still have about a dime left so we still got weed for when we wake up. :smoking:
  2. awesome story bro, but damn....paragraphs are your friend

  3. Most definately, kept losing my place while reading...lol...Great story though. cheers! :bongin:
  4. hahahahhhahah getting high off perfume

  5. If you could get high off perfume it'd probably be a really shitty high.

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