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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KALiBERRRR, May 4, 2006.

  1. i think one main reason why my first grow failed is because the soil was shit. when i spray it, it just turns all muddy and sticks together and doesnt seep in at all. AAHH!!! COUNTRY FARMS ORGANIC RICH STERILIZED POTTING SOIL IS A NO NO!!
  2. Or is it possible that you were watering too much? Did it have perlite in the soil?
  3. watering too much? its a spray bottle.. and no, theres no perlite. what is perlite for?
  4. Its helps with drianage. What type of setup do you have? Lights? Strian? Soil? Nutrients? Lighting Schedule?
  5. the grow failed from the start. the plants never grew! so soil is the only relevant one to talk about. lol!

    im beyond blazed
  6. I think it's you that failed, not the soil...
  7. see you got a soil dilemma this link will fix you right up www.discount=hydro.com/growmediums.asp dont worry about the price mate be like nike just do it lol :D also remember when watering the rule of thumb is to give half of the container size ex. Im growing I plan on growing in 3 gallon bags so im gonna give them a gallon of and a half of water also remember to water till you see it leaking thru the drainage holes but you probally already know that
  8. LOL is this like a movie and youre like an evil conscience saying to me i think its you that failed.. not the soil

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  9. if your soil clumps like that and turns muddy, it is shit. Go to the store and get some perlite and lighten that soil up.

  10. Hey, I too used country farm sterilized potting soil for my first grow and failed to bring up my germinated seeds. It was muddy and my hands turned black when I grabbed some with my hand. Two thumbs down for country farm soil.

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