Had a blast last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kangri, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. So my friend hit me up on Thursday asking if i wanted to come over on Friday, for the special occasion that he was going to get me high :hello:
    So I gladly accepted and the next day I went over. After talking a bit and listening to a bit a music, w got down to business. He pulled out the weed and told me that I should roll. So I rolled a spliff (yes, before you all say anything, we do smoke tobacco as well. We use RYO tobacco) and I was pretty proud of how it came out.

    In fact, I even took a photo:

    So after that was all rolled up, we went up to the roof of his building (despite the cold) and toked. Afterwards, we had to make it back down without getting caught by his dad who should have been coming home annnnyyy minute :eek:
    So we rushed to his room, sprayed some body deodorant on us, washed our hands and gargled some mouthwash. I was just about to put some eyedrops in my eyes when we heard the doorknob turn. We split back to his room, he assured me my eyes weren't red and we got on our laptops and started up this game, Maplestory.
    His dad came in, and my friend was freaking that it still smelled like weed in his room, but I told him it was fine. His dad didn't say anything, just the usual greeting and went on his way. We spent the rest of the night listening to music, playing Maplestory and talking about random shit.

    Side note: Killing mushrooms and pigs in Maplestory is funny shit when you're not sober ;)

    Just thought I'd share that little story with you guys.:smoke:
  2. Haha, I didn't see the joint next to the lighter at first so I was thinking "Wtffff is he talking about?"

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