habits you have when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by twilightXtoker, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. okay so my friend/dealer always twitches at least a few minutes after he smoked he wants to touch everything and tries to hide it by reaching behind him instead of in front

    as for me i just zone out and say yea to everything im also real generous a week ago i got a new bubbler and while we were smokin wit it my friend told me how much he loved it so i gave it to him [i realzied like an hour later wut i did and took it back but yea...]

    what are your high habits?
  2. if its my new bong, i already have a habit of just pullin bowls out of it like crazy...bowls pretty big, but its a big bong, and i dont realize how fast a bowl goes...

    if its a joint, i have a habit of taking one really really big hit, and forgetting my second hit...dont matter....

    blunts if i rolled em, i always smoke the last few hits to myself, if someone else rolled it i re roll it:)

    bowls i dont smoke past the gross point...
  3. Talk 2 myself and laugh my ass off
  4. Concpiracy Theories.
  5. I always bite my finger nails and fold my hands.
  6. hahaha,

    I have some weird quirks when high.

    If I smoke before work I have to iron my shirt (even if there are no wrinkles)- I love putting on a nicely pressed shirt. I do this even if I am already running late. One day I was 15 mins late for work because I started ironing the shirt I had on, decided I didn't like it so changed it (ironed the new shirt), then I decided the first one was better so I ironed it a second time before putting it on.

    I also have a habit of falling into some OCD type things when high. If I see something out of place I will fix it- then when I fix that if I see something else I fix that. Again I've been late to work for that reason as well.

    The most annoying habit I have (and it doesn't bother me) is the fact I love- absolutely LOVE to whistle & sing while high.

    Yea- I'm a loser, so what....
  7. I start screaming while I run around in circles talking about the "man" and how he is going to "get me" and how everyone needs to "chill"... Actually, that is a lie. I have no special habits for when I am high... Unless... Staring off into space is a habit?
  8. Smoke cigarettes, always forgetting where the ashtray is, not going to the bathroom cause I'm too lazy, listening to rap music and acting out and lipsynching..
  9. I have Conspiracy Theories too, but I also get horny and laugh a lot. It depends on how much and how I smoke.:)
  10. Munchies, cottons, hornies, giggles and paranoia are common side effects.
    Let's MOVE ON! :D

    (i feel like a douche :smoking: )
  11. Like Cheeba above I can kinda swing in to the OCD mode sometimes too, but half the time i'f i'm real ripped i'm too lazy to bother with it, but sometimes when i'm not high i'll have to fix random things...Just makes me feel better :rolleyes:

    And whenever I'm driving after i get stoned I loved to blare the music and sing with it, it can get pretty intense..

    And about 85% of the time i'm high i either shake my foot i'f i'm sitting like with my ankle over my knee, or if my foots on the ground my whole leg pretty much ends up shakin (usually just the left leg though *shrug*)
  12. You haven't seen anyone rap to a song quite like me when I'm high riding around with my system blaring.
  13. i used to have adventures with my friend every night. we'd get muchies, sometimes go to mcdonalds drive-thru and talk to the girl at the window (who was pretty hot), we'd find ghosts, tell stories, watch tv... all in the same order every night this summer...

    i miss him. he went off to boston college a week or so ago. it's been lonely :(
  14. I like to blaze it when I'm high.:D
  15. yeah those aren't habits. i get all those though ahaha

    i have a habit of using the end of my lighter to pack weed or just play with it for like 5 minutes. i get mad ocd about it and i feel like i have to make the bowl pack even
  16. i straight up challenge you to a duel cause when its bumpin im throwin shit down.

  17. Is this going to rejuvinate the GC rap battles that went on here not too long ago???
  18. That'd be a show. Hahaha.
  19. Unless it's a lazy high, I go all OCD and start obsessively organizing things around me. Ex: I ended up really pissing off my D&D group because I kept trying to find the most 'efficient' arrangement of dice on the table.
  20. talk a lot and sometimes i can't sit still at all

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