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Habit forming

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tvayumat, May 28, 2010.

  1. I'm beginning to understand why people say mary jane can be extremely habit forming.

    Ever since I've started toking regularly I find that I just don't enjoy video games the way I used to. Unless I'm blazed I feel like I'm missing out on the whole experience!

    I was trying to play Alan Wake earlier and all I could keep thinking was "Man this game is way creepier when I'm faded, god damnit"

    Picking up an 8th from a bro tomorrow...
  2. Yeah bro, i hear ya. Being High makes everything better if you can handle it.:smoking:
  3. Dude, being high makes everything better, food, tv, games, driving, sleeping!:cool:
    Just keep blazin man:smoking:
  4. get some better games lol! Counter Strike and Company of Heroes can keep me busy all day when I don't have any bud handy. The reality is that bud makes everything better, and as humans we quickly become accustomed to luxury. People fall under the illusion that it's habit forming, but the truth is that it's entirely up to you. Smoking stimulates my mind, making life more interesting, so I toke up daily. But at the start of the year I put my stuff away, hopped on a plane to South Africa for a little vacation and went without bud for 3 months no problem, because I was living in a new setting, stimulating my mind just by living in a different country with different people and a totally different landscapec:)
  5. Ha he found out that after smoking here and there he wants to upgrade too everyday. haha :smoking:
  6. Haha, I hope you've told yourself to get some better games as well! :p

    It actually is pretty habit-forming, commonly mistaken as addictive.
    To me it's almost a daily habit, I smoke almost whenever it is possible.
    No one's ever caught me and that's how it's gonna be! :cool:
  7. I always toke up when im playin some final fantasy 13:smoking:
  8. When Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out (if it ever does) I wanna sit in a room that's constantly hotboxed for the duration and beat it.
    A man can dream, can't he?

  9. Dude, not those games! Try Red Dead Redemption, or Modern Warfare 2... Even Guitar Hero is fun when you're not glued to the house.:smoking:
  10. gonna be vaping up while playing red dead in just a few, nothing like gettin high and riding around a horse shooting anything that moves

    on topic, i also find it very habit forming, specifically in the morning and at night, when i wake up it feels wierd to not start my day with a toke and at night it's hard to go to bed without one

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