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    But first, is there a guy here, who will say that he doesn't talk to women, with at least a little bit different voice, {softer, sweeter} than you would if you were talking to your homies... or for that matter, just other guys in general ?
    I know I do, big time.
    So anyway, my work took me to a gated house, with instructions to call the owner, to be let in. I had been there a couple X's, and it has been a really sweet girl each time.
    This time, I call, and the same sweet girl says, "Oh, alright... I'll be right down".....
    A minute goes buy, and I could here shoes scuff up to the gate.... However, it was a silver gate, shaded beyond it, bright sun on my side, + I had my sun glasses on..... < excuses  :) LOL
    So I was like, "Hello :) How are you" ..... but in the gayest sounding sweet talk..... and then the gate opens, and its her fucking husband" ! Dammit Jim ! Felt like such a freaking goof :)
    Oh, so I went back there again today, and it was this sweet girl again... So I actually told her what I just posted here, and she cracked up :) I told her, her husband probably thinks I'm gay :) She said, he wouldn't care if I was, and I was like, that's cool, but I'm not trying to send the wrong signals :) LOL
    edit: kind of makes it even funnier that I'm a big, muscled, bald, tatted guy, and talking like a little bee-otch. Bro was probably thinking WTF ?  :) LOL

  2. OP, you have lost your emoji privelages
  3. soooo...........Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.
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    ha! i feel like you're stupid too!
    seriously though - that's what you get for mackin the married girl
  5. That's :yummy:  cool :bolt: bro haha :devious:  :hello: :hippie: :smoke: :smoking: :eek: :confused: :bongin: :confused_2: :yay: :metal: :hide: :love: :cry: :laughing: :gc_rocks: :ey: :mad:

    Srs tho I do the same thing, I talk like a fucking pussy but that's only when I'm high.
    Why would you even say anything? If you're tryin to hit on the girl... she's married. If you're worried the husband is going to hit on you... he's married (to a girl). 
  7. it's not about them, bro, it's all about OP
  8.  Where did you get that I was trying to hit on her ? I was just talking really extra-friendly to her, like I do with pretty much all women, and for that matter, kids too. Maybe it comes back to the fact that I know I tend to scare people if I'm not being really friendly / smiling.... I'm really not as dangerous as my exterior would suggest, but people do judge a book by its cover.....
  9. Op is a faglord
    Okay  :)
    Ya' know, I was contemplating this thread last night, and I got to thinking.....
    I guess its kind of human nature to see the lives of others, through their own eyes. So, because I'm kind of a swole, bald, tatted, scary looking guy, I do have to be concerned (maybe a lot more than most) about coming off in a softer, more friendly way. < This is "my normal".
    However, I can imagine a wimpy little bee-otch of a guy, having an attitude about this post, very similar to yours, kuntaketay  :) I mean, if one goes through life as weak ass little pussy, they might do the opposite as I do, "and try very hard" to be a harder, tougher, scarier kind of guy. Just the way human nature works.
    I dunno man, you're certainly making quite the effort to let us know how "bald" and "tatted" and "scary-looking" you are. 
    ...and isn't getting "tatted," shaving your head, and just generally looking "scary" essentially the same thing (as in, trying to be a "harder, tougher, scarier kind of guy")? I'm not trying to hate, but you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot in this thread.  :p I'd say sit back, smoke a bowl, and laugh it off. We're all just poking fun--that's part of being on the interwebz. 

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