H202 With Fox Farm Nutes

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  1. Will mixing 1/4 cup per gallon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in water and nutes cause problems with a potting soil grow using Fox Farms trio nutes. I heard that using H202 with organic ferts you lose the benificial microbes of the ferts. Not really sure if the trio is considerd organic. If so what is a good chemical fert to use?
  2. Only Big Bloom is organic. Grow Big is partially organic. You won't have a problem if you use the H202 once to get rid of gnats, algae, or fungus. Do not use on seedlings. If you're in flower then you're using mostly chemical ferts with FF. The big bloom will not be as affective but it's suppose to have the beneficial microbes, so they will grow again in the soil.

    It doesn't make sense though that big bloom has beneficial microbes since the bottle comes sealed and the only microbes that could survive would be anerobic which you don't want. But who knows maybe they're in a dormant state.

    I wouldn't worry about using H202 with FF nutes if you only use is once or twice with some time in between uses.
  3. Thanks man...I'm just two weeks into this grow and seen some knats around so decided on a quick safeguard using H202. I may go for one more watering then put some sand on top of soil, just in case. I guess I could add some Big Bloom to the veg stage to build back the microbes over time.
  4. i would try neem oil. i used it outdoors before and it seemed to deter insects. im not 100% sure, i'd have to look it up again, but i thought i read before not to use H2O2 cause it can cause scaring on plants or roots or something like that

  5. This may be redundant but will hydrogen peroxide negatively impact the use of Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow Bloom complex, or the FloraNova MGB series?

    Thank you!
  6. where are you getting your mix ratio.....sound high to me....h2o2 affects good and bad microbs in soil but a little is ok once in a while:smoke:
  7. I read somewhere on GC last night never more that 2.5 tsp per gal and the 1st time only use 1.5 tsp per gal. This place is is great.

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