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  2. Not that I can remember... veryy good topic, im interested to see whats good with this one.
  3. I have 2 or 3 times, but I only can clearly remember one, probably because it was pretty rediculous haha.

    Well I was walking down one of the major streets that ran through the downtown area of where I grew up when I was younger (years before I started smoking). And I ran into a high school teacher of mine who said Don Knotts had a warrant for my arrest and him and the rest of the police/sherrifs in the area where trying to arrest me, (before all this I think I got in a fight with someone at a mall and resisted arrest from Don Knotts). Anyway I'm running through alleys such and I'm out of breath so I try to blend in at this burger joint.

    Well it's sort of like The Goodburger and Keenan and Kel worked there and I just tried to blend in. So I ordered this burger and waited in this sofa chair and smoked a joint. I enjoyed it only for like a few moments because soon I heard sirens all over the place. But I had such intense couch lock I literally couldn't get out of the chair for a few minutes. It was this wierd combination of having this nice high while Keenan and Kel were chatting with me and being paranoid about the cops. Eventually I got up and ran out of the building and continued to evade the police.

    Never got my Goodburger though :(

    Idk how to describe the dream high. It was kind of just like being at a 3 and very relaxing (until the sirens).
  4. When I t-break or am forced to quit for some reasons or another I dream of marijuana every night. About 75% of the time it involves smoking at some point.

    When Im actively smoking I probably only dream of smoking once a week. Still more common than most it seems. Its really always goes perfectly :smoke:

    Peace :bongin:
  5. It would be so sick to have a lucid dream and smoke some joints haha
  6. Yea the day before i first smoked haha
  7. Damn. Sounds more like a nightmare if you didnt get your good burger then.
  8. Yeah everything turned into tie dye lol
  9. I woke up inspired one morning due to a HUGE female OG Kush plant with a very distintive face telling me in a very seductive manner to "smoke all the herb in the world!" I was so scared i was like"....OKAY!" as we shared a J right off her. woke up and went straight to the bong, just like everyday. man, i love weed. :bongin:
  10. Many times.. That dissapointment when you wake up sober.
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  11. I've been on a T-Break for about a month, and I had a dream where I bought an ounce of the dankest weed I've ever seen and a few grams of hash, smoked a few bowls and my dream got all wavy. It was so trippy haha, but I woke up and begin looking everywhere for my stash only to realize it was all a dream.
  12. i only smoked weed 1 time ever in my dreams and it was with my probation officer couple years ago

  13. imagine what it would be like to actually smoke with your guy
  14. just the other night
  15. I have so many dreams that I'm stoned. It's weird. I get really high...a weird high in dreams. Still equally as fun.
  16. First time a few nights ago. I blazed everyday for quite a while and then took a two day break. As usual (with breaks) dreams were many. In one of the dreams I saw myself being on top of a building smoking a joint all by myself.

    It was at a place I have never seen before and it was late in the night in the dream. It was an isolated place and there were no buildings around. A little creepy if I think of it now but it was great in the dream.

    And I would live to have a lucid dream with weed involved. Have had lucid dreams before but never with weed in them.
  17. A couple days ago I was dabbing in my dream :smoke:

    But then I woke up sober..
  18. I've had dreams where I'm choosing different strains and purchasing them from dispensaries and such ( non med state). That's my dream :)

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  19. When i was on probation i would dream that i smoked and then freak out that im going to get busted..other than that i dont think so
  20. lol, i actually got caught recently and cannot smoke for awhile. i've been craving a high so bad, that every night the past week i would be having a regular dream, or a really weird one, and someone in it will just casually pull out a bowl and want to smoke. and in the dream, i always say "aw, i cant im gonna get tested soon" its so weird. these are really the only dreams i can remember vividly

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