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H.O.P.E vol. 2 droppin on itunes jan 1st! song+freestyle vid inside

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by George Ignace, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. what up grasscity? i forgot the info to my old account but still have been creepin around the forum whenever i get the chance.

    H.O.P.E (Hope Here On Planet Earth) vol. 2 will be droppin on itunes jan. 1st 2013, so be sure to cop it if you dig my music. if not then thats cool, atleast give me a couple views on youtube then :p

    1st single off my album:

    [ame=]open - the voice feat subhadra - YouTube[/ame]

    me on the drums and rappin
    rob hall on the guitar
    my homegirl subhadra on the hook

    plus a couple old freestyle vids i found floatin around youtube..

    drunk freestyle haha:

    [ame=]Geo - The Voice - Freestyle - YouTube[/ame]

    old school:

    [ame=]Bemo And Geo Rippin it - YouTube[/ame]

    thanks for peepin the thread.. stay tuned, ill be postin more songs and vids in here.

    PRODUCERS, get at me :smoking:
  2. You posted on my thread, just in case you don't go back to it - I really dig your work man. For real. As you know I produce beats, love to hear you rip it on one of my tracks.

    Keep up the work man, shits dope

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