Gwinnett County

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ApToLt, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. anybody from the metro atlanta area?
  2. Yep right here.
  3. hell yeah, where at?
  4. I am not, but welcome to the city at any rate! :D
  5. Nope. But welcome to the forum mate.:wave:
  6. i'm in douglas county.. not too far from ya lol
  7. i grew up in snellville, but I'm in Kennesaw now.
  8. no sir, but welcome to the city just the same :)
  9. I'm in Gwinnett. Nice to see others are too.
  10. Duluth here! :)

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  11. I know that's where Rittz is from!
  12. lol you guys realize this thread is like six years old, right?
  13. Lmao nope I sure didn't,blaming whoever bumped it

    "Think how many dicks she prob sucked if shes 30 and wrkin at mcd still."

  14. What's up peeps. Haven't been around here awhile. Just saying whassup ;)
  15. Up in Buford

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