Guys think about sex every...and girls think about sex every...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, May 2, 2003.

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  1. Ok, I know someone here knows the stats, AT LEAST, lol, for the guys, its like 4, 5 seconds? and how about the girls?
    lets not STEREOTYPE here...and lets not forget, I dont know!!!! if its different for gays..

    I just keep seeing that soap commercial about how guys think about girls (x) amount of times and they think about soap blah blah blah blah, who the fuck is listening by then anyway....

    but come on, give it up, I mean, fuck! i think about, (gotta go with the sexual preference, you ass well, where applicable) sex like a whole hell of a fuck a lot!
  2. I have no idea how much time passes between my thoughts about sex but I do think about it often. LOL! More often than I have it, that\'s for sure!
  3. l must be getting old cause l don,t think about it that often.Matter of fact sometimes l get more than l want ,lol.
  4. I very seldom have sex..

    I do think of sex at least a couple times a............

  5. The official number for guys is every 6 seconds. I don\'t think that I think about sex quite that often, tho there are times when I can think of nothing else. Damn my being a virgin.
  6. There\'s no data to determine how much I think about sex. It\'s just always there in the back of my mind.
  7. always....why not.....its not always about sex though..... like.... if your walkin down the street...... you see some womens.... and ya might think to your self, \" oh she\'s pretty, or damn ma\' you hot.\" not that i would say it......

    Though if i think a girl is pretty i\'ll be sure to mention it....

    so i dunno..... an the sex thing.... is thought about often..healthy obsession with sex ain\'t wrong is it?
  8. well, just because girls dont say perverted things, or say stuff about sex alot, doesnt mean they dont think about it like every 2 seconds, trust me! girls think about sex JUST AS MUCH, or maybe even more then guys do!.......
  9. If you want we could do a little thinking together. Do you get my drift? ;)
  10. haha inferior wang, ya, right! call me:) ;)

  11. what would the point of that read his name....
  12. I do think about sex often because I love it so much. I don\'t think I am a nymphomaniac but I probably think about it 20-40 times a day. See, my husband has lost interest in it and he says its not me and no he is not cheating-he is an an antideppressant-celexa that causes his sex drive to go down so I am lucky if I get it once or twice a week-which is not enough. Plus he doesn\'t even want to do much foreplay-I haven\'t been gone down on in months,well actually he did it 2 weeks ago because I asked him too. But he is just not half as interested in it as I am. We used to do it ALOT. So it is very frustating because i am horney alot and I\'ll ask him or try to turn him on and he is usually like \"sorry, I\'m too tired or I\'m not horney and I can\'t get it up\"blah blah blah. So then I feel rejected and I think \"whats wrong with me which honsetly Ive been quite often been told that I am quite attactive and pretty(not trying to brag-for real). Plus I have nice big round tits(they are real) and he pays no attention to them. I even try to wear sexy bras and stuff like that. Anyway so whay should do? He won\'t try viagra. So yes I am so tempted to have an affair because I am going crazy!!!!!

    Any advice would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. damn Kia, sorry to hear that! maybe one day u should walk around the house naked and bend over in front of him and just go about your buisness and act like everything normal, and see what he does! just act all casual and shit about it! haha! hope things work out for you!
  14. smokin&tokin,

    That is a good idea. I could try that and I think I will. I\'d have to be high of course to be brave enough to do that though which isn\'t a problem. I\'ll let you know if it works!

  15. haha good luck kia! hope it works out for u! luv ya gurl! GOOD LUCK GETTING SOME BOOTAY!!!!

    sings *Kia\'s gonna get some booty! Kia\'s gonna get some booty!Kia\'s gonna get some booty! Kia\'s gonna get some booty!*
  16. oh yeah, Kia, i have another idea for u, if u havent already done this yet. maybe (if you feel comfortable enough) you could have a 3 sum with another chick, but that might be a bad idea because u might get jelous, but if you arent the jelous type, maybe you could try it and i am sure your husband would NOT turn down a 3-sum.... what guy would.......but i just got that idea because i just read your post on my other \"Whats your SEXuality\" thread, and it said that u have thought about being with other girls.... so maybe u could try that! just trying to help you out! good luck again! bye bye ;)
  17. hey kia,sorry to hear things arent going to well in the bedroom. I was on celexa at one time and I noticed my sex drive did decrease a little as well. but it really shouldnt go to an extreme..S&T has some good suggestions...I like the idea of a threesome. it sounds like you would be interested in that possibly, and what guy wouldnt be! well there may be some, but maybe he is! Id talk to him abou tit!
  18. I don\'t think a threesome is going to solve marriage problems, it would probably only add to them. Give him an ultimatum, you have needs too, explain your feelings to him, maybe he needs to switch meds. Either way, communication is the only way.
  19. I don\'t think an ultimatum is the answer, but you should definitely talk to him about the problem it\'s causing and see if there is something else he can switch to. Of course, walking around naked couldn\'t hurt.

  20. well, if that doesn\'t work... just rock the vibe untill he gets pissed and has to do something about the situation of no sex for him..... cut him off so he has something to work for again....

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