Guys pls I need some help :/ this is my 1st grow

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  1. so this seedling is out performing the rest. it grows 1 inch every day it seems like but the past 2 days the leaves have looked like this :( i know its not overwatered bcus i let the soil get SUPER dry before i water. bcus ive read that underwater is much much easier to deal with then overwater. and the leaves look perfectly healthy, nice shade of even green throughout and the new growth always looks great but idk why the leaves are going straight down!! im growing indoor, temp at 77-80 but idk the humidity bcus i dont have a guage. pls any help would be appreciated

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  2. very sad plant check your temps eyeball the Tap Root suggest its bent but still not enough to make so sad

    suggest adding more soil or even perlite to reduce compaction even add air at potup

    thanks for posting in the correct forum to my pro file on free weed books

    good luck

    ps always water by weight lift THINK water or not!
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  3. will having it too close to the light do this? also need to mention that i have 7 plants and this is the only one doing this. all the rest look healthy and perky but i had this one really close to the light. do you think i need to transplant to 1gallon pot already??
    thanks for advice man ill try to look at the roots without hurting them lol
  4. First kinda reminds me of an UNDERwatered much and how often do you water????
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  5. Sure can't hurt add that 25% perlite and compare the performance to the others

    plants close to the light carry the temp gauge for the crew

    so guys don't get this hassle

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  6. i wait like at least 2 days to water and i dont ever drench it to where the soil is completely soaked. i just do it until i can feel its got nice weight to it and soil is damp. im so paranoid about over watering bcus ive read thats how you get so many issues. last time i watered the soil was so dry it was like sand almost lol
  7. Yeah bro....start giving it some more water....that'll perk it up
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  8. ok i will add perlite. i have an organic soil with perlite, coco, etc and with basically no nutes in it. i think n-p-k is all .3% or something. and i also just put a wet rag in my grow box bcus i have a big fan on it and i feel like its almost too much air movement.
    thanks again
  9. ok will do that. should i water until i see runoff every time?
  10. In that solo cup.........yeah...........I would at least if it were mine.
  11. hey vostok, so I checked my roots today and they were all hitting the sides of the solo cup and im pretty sure they were being restricted. it honestly surprised me how much roots this little plant had so i transplanted to bigger pot. hopefully it starts to perk up now.
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  12. Meh, too lazy to read all the replies... But if you need help, hit me up and I'll guide you through your first grow.
  13. The best way to judge when your plants need water is by weight of the container it’s in. You can either before or after your transplant fill a same size pot with the same amount of soil and water thoroughly. Lift it up then Let it dry and then you know by weight if you need to water. Once you know how much a dry pot weighs then there’s no guesswork.
  14. I appreciate it bro! I'll take all the help i can lol i have 7 plants from bagseed or seeds that were lodged in beautiful nugs. is that a hermie plant?? anyways, so far so good except that 1 droopy plant. im really just doing this for fun but i want to make it to harvest if i can.
  15. This is one thing i learned from reading on these forums. i am so paranoid about over watering bcus ive read that is how you can bring a ton of issues on your plant/soil. so i basically wait until the soil is super dry and pot feels very light. i just think that droopy plant was root bound or at least i hope thats all it is
  16. Root Bound it was
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  17. yeah man for sure lol how do all these ppl grow in solo cups?? like the solo cup challenge ive seen. do they cut the roots?
  18. horrid to say most cheat..

    tho it can be done

    My heart is in growing a GOOD plant the buds are a by product


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