Guys, I need some advice...Pleasee:D

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  1. Hey, My names Matt, im 18, and I'm from the UK.

    This is my first post, but anyways, I need some advice, your thoughts would be much appreciated :)

    So, for you to understand, im going to give a cut a long story sort and explain some stuff before I tell you what I need advice on..

    I currently work at a local supermarket, PM - AM Mon-Fri, I like my job at the moment, there's no-one else in the shop at night, and my boss smokes weed, so we get to smoke while we work - its pretty chill not gunna lie  and I get to smoke all day too. :metal: :yay:

    I haven't been outside of the UK ( gone abroad ) in about 3 years, and I feel as if I want to get out and explore new sights, meet new people, and just experience a different culture for a change. I want to go on a working holiday to new Zealand, which is possible, saving up would take me a while, but it is possible. It would take me about 6-12 months to save up the money,

    I probably wouldn't get to keep my job in the UK, but if I liked it enough I would probably stay there, do you guys think it is worth risking it?, sorry if it seems trivial, but this trip could kind change my life forever, so I wanna be 100% sure before I make a decision.

    Cheers everyone - Matt.

  2. I dont think they will just let you get citizenship or a work visa unless you have somthing to offer the community like being a doctor, or an architecture designer or are have a large bank account you are going to open in the country
  3. I would study the laws and cultures of NZ first before you make a life changing decision to take up residency in that country. Good luck!
  4. There is a specific working holiday visa which is pretty easy to get apparently, and a working towards rescidence visa where the rules are a little more strict,
    Thanks for the input man, definatley going to study the culture side of things, i don't know about the law though :D
  5. if that is a dream of yours then fucking go for it!!! :metal:
    there are a lot of negative cry babies that will try and take a shit on you here. don't listen to them. be fearless in your quest for happiness, because one day you will regret the chances you didn't take. i never listened to nay sayers. i always went after it balls deep! trust me, it all pays off in the end. :metal:
  6. Let's see here - pm-am, smoke weed with boss at work, smoke all day... uhhh, dude... fuck NZ!  :bongin:  :metal:
  7. Yo man, I'm 19 and from the UK as well, interested in doing something like that as well just my jobs too sweet. 
    Your job does sound good, but I guess you've gotta think whether you're gonna progress at the supermarket, if you think you could end up a manager or something like that then I'd think about staying there for a while to see how it goes, you're able to get stoned all day and night, if there's the possibility of more money and skills I'd be sticking with it!
    If not then NZ would probably be worth it, whether you stay permanently or not doesn't really matter, I'd just go for a working holiday then go back and try get citizenship, that way you'll have had a year or so to get to know the country before deciding, and another year or more (I'm not sure how long it takes to get citizenship) to change your mind if you decide it's not for you.
    I've heard that NZ is just like the UK back in time.
  8. Dude if you want to then fucking do it and don't let anybody tell you not to. You may want to go visit to make sure you're going to like it there but go visit. If you can make it happen do it. It sucks wondering what if.
  9. Hey guys, i been kinda busy latley, sorry for the late reply's..
    Thats what im thinking xD, balls deep is always good.
    Hahaha, we ended up smoking on our first shift.. Long story shortl, me, my boss, and another guy ( he was there to help train me..).somehow we started talking about weed, i had brought a j with me for the walk home, so i asked them if they smoked, they said do you have it on you? but their body language and tone didnt seem mad or anything, more surprised and hopeful, so i decided to say yeah, you wanna go for a j, and my boss said lets go, best first day at work ever! :metal:
    Hey man, yeah, soon i will be the night fill manager, as my current boss is leaving soon. If your looking at going sometime next year we could go together hahaha, cheers for the advice :wave:
    Nobody likes regret, so i think its a chance im willing to take :cool: , cheers :)

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