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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Pichon, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. i´m on a dificult situation , i have an outdoors plant that is getting very big , so big that i have to cut some arms to make it look smaller, Can i grow the arms that i´ll cut and grow them apart, the plant just starr the flowering period a few weeks ago . can i do this , how ?
    i have to cut the plant because it will be to big , i dont want such a big plant(2.30cm )
  2. id have to go with critter on this one...makes em thicker below the with the cloning you can get a few more plants goin from that one

    hehehehe, i just realized i have a monopoly on all the 'new posts' on the home page of this site....HAHA...yay!
  3. the arms from the bottom are very big too , i dont want them to get thicker, they are thick enough believe me .can i cut the plan t in too , straigh i the middle ?
    after if done this how do i clone this , i have to keep them in water fisrt and then soil with a lot of nitrogen
  4. If your asking can you cut the top half of plant away to allow the bottom branches to grow instead,,yes,,and since you just flowered...doit now..before it's to won't want to do it if you get to far into budset....

    you can clone the tips of what is left of the top half,,let cuttings set in cool water in dim room or dark overnight,,then dip in rooting powder(shultz takeroot),and place them into medium in humid environment....lightly mist each day,,after one week,,,water clones from bottom,,or spray soil lightly from top to them,,they will be ready to plant when the growth again begins from chutes...

  5. ok i can cut the top of the plant but Ionly have water not that thing you put on , is that a problem , can i clone this only with water sonce i dont have that rooting powder, i have nitrogen and some phosphorus, i will try the cloning today

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