Guys i got a major problem including my dealer

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  1. Ok heres the thing, ive always been good with my dealer, he never ripped me off
    or anything, and i would always get 20 bucks worth which is like 2-3 grams. But new years was coming up and i decided to get 50 bucks worth. Next thing you know hes tellin me his phone is tapped and the cops might be on him. keep in mind hes just a regular small time pot dealer he aint no drug czar. Anyways i decide to buy the pot anyway, we meet up i give him the money, and hes like ill get the stuff for ya on sat garantee, it was thursday. so sat passes and sunday i find out hes going outta town with his pals outside of the country and hes like oh dude ill give you the shit on monday, and im fucking pissed already but i tolerate, the mon comes hes like wedsnday a day before new years!! we meet he gives me 2 grams hes like so many people were buyin theres no morehes like i swear ill give you the other 4 after new years, so i smoke the shit on new years and new years is done its been 4 days i call him hes like sorry still none, when i call my other pal who gets weed from him on, who managed to get 50 bucks worth a day before new years!! so what do i do, hes my only dealer but the motherfucker took my money do i confront him and tell him to bring the shit or i call some guys to fuck him up or what!? what would you guys do.
    PS i got other dealerswith great weed but none come as close to this shit .really potent stuff. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Just don't buy off him anymore and ask him for the rest of you're weed. Tell him you don't pay out debts in installments like that especialy when he is selling the weed that should be you'res to other clients.

    If he gives you it back. Then don't buy off him.
    If he doesn't. Then don't buy off him.
  3. Don't buy off him and spread the word that he can't be trusted.
  4. number one rule to buying weed u broke

    never give ppl money before they give u the weed...
  5. i would beat his ass for real i cant stand them ppl that have to rip people off i think its bull shit
  6. This is all you can do......:WAIT; yeah it sucks, don't give money first.

    if he don't give your stuff soon then handle your bis

  7. i guess then i cut him off, i mean fuck it this is no way to treat your client.
  8. That was almost poetic, my man.
    2) do NOT ever, ever, ever!! "front" the money
    3) Spread the word that he stole your cash
    4) (Assuming you are stronger/not afraid he'd kill you) Tell him you'll give him like 100 dollars for 6 grams (or something else convincing) and beat his ass when and steal his weed.
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    call him up, be like you want the remaining amount that he owe's you and that you heard from so and so that you hooked him up 50 bucks worth of shiett so whats up?

    don't buy from him again and never front money
  11. Like Im sure everyone is saying its your fault for fronting the money to him. I will admit I have done it before and not been ripped off but I dont like doing it. Ultimately your fault. Why didnt you just wait to give him the money until you picked it up?
    Sounds like you may see the other four grams, just keep bugging him about it b/c he does deserve it. Dont lose your only connect. You said it was always straight every other time so just be more cautious next time.
  12. thats what i most likely gonna go with. thanks

  13. thats a good way to go at it, ive learnt my lesson, never gonna front money.

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