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guys help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whiteboyy09, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. right before i vaporized i had lotion on my hand (fapping) but i wiped my hands off good on a towell. i placed the nugs into the grinder then into the bowl. after i got done my throat started tingling bad like menthol or alcohol would do. but i was fine after the 1st bag if i recall. could lotion have got on the bud then i inhaled it? or could it be moldy bud? it doesnt look like it though. this is about my 4th g into a quarter and nothing happened before. help
  2. Post some decent pics if you want us to tell you whether it's moldy... but I suppose it could definitely be a case of lotion getting on the buds.

    Probably won't be too harmful or anything, it's just going to taste nasty and leave your throat feeling funny.
  3. Even if you had straight up licked your semen & lotion covered hand I doubt you would need to be too worried unless you have any kind of allergies to the product.

    If you just smoked, you're probably high. If you're high, there's a chance you could be over thinking this. I don't think a little lotion is going to kill you.
  4. Semen, this is why we can't have nice things. Here's a tip. Lotion's for skin not for that twinny twin twin.
  5. i just have a shitty phone camera so it probably wouldnt help. could mold effect somebody that quick though?

  6. I don't think mold is the cause of what you're experiencing, it sounds more like lotion just got on your bud.
  7. idk what im going to do
  8. Smoke a bowl and think about it.
  9. It was only that one bowl, right? So whatever, discard it and wash your hands before you load another. :p
  10. Homie got that sticky icky.
  11. no my throat tingles and im freaking out almost had a panic attack im not gonna smoke more lol
  12. ya but when i threw bud in the grinder i split a big one in two so theres a nug in there with lotion on it probably. guys this sucks
  13. >lotion on it probably

    Jizz on it definitely.
  14. do i need to go to the hospital for this shit it hurts
  15. :laughing: god damnit.. smoke the fuckin weed and stop it
  16. Go if you feel like you need to.

    Or you can just blaze it.
  17. eww, your nasty.
  18. im starting to think somethings wrong my throat does the samething now with this bud.
  19. You better hope "Granny" sees this thread. She'll know what to do.

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