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Guy jumped out of the window on weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Matek, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Lately I heard about a guy that jumped out the window from 10th floor.He had some broken bones, but he is alive.The police says that he was on weed.What do you think ? My first thaught was that if he where high he would be to lazy to jump.But maybe he just wanted to jump to kitchen for a little snack ?
  2. I doubt it. Dude could have smoked up a week or two before and as long as THC was in his system, the cops would say he was on drugs. It does sound like something someone on PCP might do because that shit makes you invincible and seperates your mind from you body making pain something you don't fear or feel.
  3. isn't that what happened in that joke of a film 'reefer madness'?

    I would never take a story like that seriously, I know from first hand experience that marijuana would never cause anyone to jump out a window, as for falling out of things, that's a little different
  4. you never know, maybe he was going to commit suicide and wanted one last fatty before he died.:)
  5. I'm just telling what i heard.I dont think he was potted either.You cant make desisions like this on weed.I wouldnt even think about a suicide and if I would I'd go & took a nap.
    But they have to blame it on something.If it's not computer games it's weed.This is stupid.
  6. I really hate those commericials that talk about car accidents and then they are like 'they tested positive for marijuana.' Wow they could of smoked two weeks ago at a party and tested positive that night. Thats like saying someone drank two weeks ago but they still count the driver as being drunk when they got in the accident...simply retarded.
  7. if so, it was laced. no was that naturally happened. unless he had a mental disorder, in which he would have done it anyway.
  8. At a local college around here there was a girl that was on top of a building smoking weed and she died. Of course it didn't say she was smoking in the paper but we all know how that goes.
  9. what you're saying that the girl that you're talking about was smoking weed??......Peace out.......Sid
  10. I hate all of those commercials about smoking weed. No one acts the way that those people in the commercials act when they're high.

    I doubt the guy fell cause he was high. I go with the sucide thing, or maybe he was doing some other type of drug, like acid. I dunno
  11. you know you don't get anti weed ad's in the u.k.......Peace out.....Sid
  12. its pathetic at my school everybody talks down on weed even though they've never smoked, and very strict and shit i hate my school...
  13. ^^^^you go to Township, don't you? Yeah, they suck.

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