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Guy grabs mic at Superbowl lol

Discussion in 'General' started by I Toke Alone, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. This one instead.
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    [quote name="I Toke Alone" post="19457016" timestamp="1391413603"]This one instead.[/quote]Wow that's sketchy as shit. And really hilarious too
  3. That guy was actually speaking the truth
  4. I loled Also :wave:
  5. Random freak accident, car or something else. Just wait.
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    Disinformation agent trying to make people who see the truth seem crazy by exposing the truth.
    All is going according to plan.
    Edit: I'm being ironic. I seriously hope you don't believe this.
  7. lol i hope we find out what happens to the dude.
  8. What an idiot, one of the few still ranting about a 9/11 conspiracy.
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    I don't get why it's so funny. 9/11 was by the US government to get the middle easterns oil and goto "war" with them.Sent from my iPad Air
  10. Yeah I agree that this is old new but he is 100% correct. The towers were a planned demolition and the planes i believe were drones with no people. There is absolutely no way the the towers fell the way they did. There is footage of each level being blow up. 
  11. The man was speaking the truth. The private oil companies didn't/don't want to lose their market share, and wanted/want to increase their profit margins. 
  12. Check his press pass

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  13. It's we all forget about when watching sports

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  14. 9/11 truthers...go find a constructive hobby
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    People that are so quick to assume that those who believe 911 was an inside job are retards, are a big problem. You guys have way too much faith in the US govt.

    It was actually officially declared last September that the US perpetuated the whole thing. All the information is out and official.

    A third tower came down for Christ sakes that wasnt reported, and it wasnt touched by a plane either. It just imploded with preplaced explosives (like the other towers had)

    Only difference is the third one came down on its own completely.

    If you still think 911 wasnt an inside job after that or at least question it then you may as well just bend over for uncle sam cuz they love ppl that are too question things.

    And I don't get why people laugh and joke about it...ppl lost loved ones in there and have been deadset on making people realize, but some folks either dont have the mental capacity to understand, or choose to ignore like it doesn't affect them.
  16. [Citation needed]
  17. What source is that from??  You can't simply state something like this and have no source to back it up. 

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