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  1. I'M HAVING A BAD DAY . I've been away for 12 days and just got back this morning i had a friend looking after my babies. The problem is since i've been away my full crop has turned hermie i've only got 20 days left on them and they are now full of seeds is it safe to leave them to finish or should i get rid i have the next lot waiting to go on flower and don't know if it will effect them i've never had any hermies before so it's new territory for me any advice please i don't want my day getting any worse
  2. firstly, is the next lot, clones from the first lot?.....if so, they too will be hermie.........

    more importantly, are you sure they're hermie, and not just pollinated females?.........there may be only 1 hemie in there......

    are you sure that all of them have produced seeds? sometimes one or 2 may have been lucky, and not gotton pollinated

    and last of all, it's just gonna be seedy weed, and a little bit less potent, but if it's only for yourself/mates, then just pop little buds of it, in a grinder, open it up, and most of the seeds will fall out, some you will need to sort through.........but it's still smokeable, and will get you high

    and last last of the new ones going in, are not clones from hermies, then just top them (if it's height that will be an issue?) and let the first lot finish........Peace out.......Sid
  3. Make sure to clean the growroom to remove any pollen for the next batch. Finish this batch and if its that bad make it all into hash.
  4. i've found the main seesed plant all the others have got 1 or 2 seeds here and main problem is that my mate handled all my plants,SEEDS AND CUTTINGS.will this effect any of them size isn't a problem . as i say this has never happened before but this crop was from unknown seeds i had given to me , i'm just worried because he handled all my plants
  5. i have found a single flower on one plant i've destroyed the full plant because the bottem half was full of un-developed seeds the rest of the plants flowering have some but not a major ammount of seeds does anyone know if handling these plants then handling seeds and cuttings in veg will effect the vegging plants . idon't want to put cuttings or seeds on flower if they are going to turn out hermie i'd rather start from scratch if it would be better in the long run....
  6. wash your hands, use soap.
  7. they is what they is...

    grow em out enough to where they start producing actual seeds and chop em. the seeds will mature a bit after but its better than a seedy mess. if its truely unmanageable, grind em for bubble hash.

    wash that place good...last thing u need is old shitty pollin hanging around.

    and not to get down on ya...
    but u mentioned that u have grown before and now u just used some ol bag weed seeds. this is a good lesson to make sure u get good genetics! so u dont get a bunch of f'ed up hermi or just plain bad stash. u obviously sound like u know how to grow. the cost of good genetics compared to the hassle of a bad grow to me just doesnt =. also...get urself a good strain that u enjoy and make a few seeds urself from them. that way u will never have to worry bout shitty hermie's and crappy stash. u get used to how they grow, and u get better at it. im not trying to being just pointing out the lesson that should be learned. once u got the growing part down, its mostly about the seed.

    fyi. for those that care. i was talking to a genetics buddy of mine. he was saying that it makes sense that MJ gets more hermie the more north u get as a naturalized stand. means that if ur outside stuff gets pollinated, chances are better that ur gonna get bad hermie %.

    one more thing i was thinkin about. u mentioned that u were gone for 20 days or so.
    is it poss. that they left the light on and/or forgot cycles or opened the door or whatever to f up the lighting cycle?
  8. i have washed my hands but my mate didn't ,he didn't , know any diferant so does anyone know if it is worth taking a you think because he touched the pollinated plants then touched the seedlings and cuttings this will have any effect on the sex or lack of it i don't wan't any hermies o9r males i can sex the plants i just totally missed this happening . question: will handling pollinated plants then handling garunteed female cuttings then handling un-sexed seedlings effect the cuttings or seedlings (the seedlings and cuttings are in a seperate room ............sorry about the spelling i'mwrecked with a battered head
  9. anything could have happened while i was away but he is a good mate and he says he followed my instructions to the letter they were not bag seeds but from a fellow grower i just don't know him well.i have done a fair few grows before but this time was the first time from un-known seeds i have got a 5 piece bubble-sac to make some bubble-hash out of the spoilt crop i just want to saveas much of it as possible but like i say the most important thing is my seedlings and cuttings
  10. if there is no flowering females...then touching and rubbing cuttings and seedlings is no problem. its only a problem if there is flowers about.

    tho again...make damn sure u clean out the room. my guess is that the halflife of pollin isnt very long but still...why take chances.

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