Guru's Guerilla Throwback 2010!

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  1. Well I suppose its about that time again folks. There are so many new faces this year around the grow forums and that makes me very excited! It means our city is growing and there is a new generation of growers out there ready to stop feeding the black market machine and grow their own already! I haven't been on as much lately as I would like to be, and for that I apologize. Most of you know me and for those of you who have yet to meet me, well "Greetings and Welcome to GrassCity!" I hope I get the pleasure of meeting all the new members and sharing my garden with everyone this season.

    Now, down to business. This season I'm going to do something a bit different. Im going old-school; a sort of "throwback grow", if you will. Most seasons, a lot of gardeners (including myself) get the privilege of being able to simply order their seeds from great breeders of all shapes, sizes, names, and colors. Some of the smart ones even create their own seed stock for the following years. This way, when our little babies sprout we already know the strain, genetic lineage, and hell EVEN sex if you purchase feminized seeds! So with this in mind, the average grower with a bit of money can rest easy all season while the known-to-be girls just grow. But what happens when a grower doesn't purchase their seeds from a breeder? Whether it be a lack of money or the mere fear of buying seeds over the internet, the truth is some people don't get the luxury of "counting their egg's before they hatch" every year. Sometimes you gotta go old-school. And that's what I'm gonna do this year.

    What I''ve done is collected all the best looking seeds from all of my stashes this entire year (not including seeds from any previous grows over the last 4-5 seasons - only seeds from that guy "Red" or that guy "EA" or that guy "Dirty" or get the point ... Bag-seed. Simply put, this grow will be about using what you have to work with and getting the best out of each growers "immediate resources". That's right, we're gonna be pulling some males this season folks!

    Now of course, as most of my grows go, this too will be the ultimate showcase in what a guerilla grow is supposed to look like...and that is NOTHING! lol The main objective will be to have as MANY plants as possible that also completely blend in with the natural surrounding environment. No pots, no disturbed soil, no trails, no evidence of human presence what so ever.

    I'd like to have around a dozen females in the end so I have germinated 26 healthy seedlings. With a little luck, there will be even more ladies than dudes and the pot gods will be looking out for me. All plants have been FIMMED and will eventually be LST'ed down once they are in the ground.

    Here are a few shots of the babies and the area they will be introduced into. I'm gonna watch a movie and smoke a J with the ole lady, so pop a squat, tell a friend, and stay tuned for one hell of season!
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  3. Wow never had to resize that small before...weird...well here they are...

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  4. looks good i cant wait to see how they do. last year i planted a bunch of bagseeds with my bought genetics the bagseed didnt do good. good luck stay safe
  5. BMER, there is nothing like great genetics. However, assuming the bag one might grow from is of quality in terms of high, aroma, flavor, and bud structure - there should be no reason why a grower can't reproduce the same quality, if not better. I have first hand experience, time after time, of some bag seed plants coming out better, overall, then some of the so called "breeders" strains out there. One thing is for sure, only time lies between us and the results at the end of the year! :wave: Grow on!
  6. Ganja!!!!!!!! Looks/sounds great. Keeping everything undisturbed and super natural looking is no easy task. Lot of variables: Weather, watering sched/method, tending to needs ect. GL bro it seems like this grow is in the right hands :D. I actually just got my journal going again - first grow got wiped out =/. Check it if you have time =D

    Stay high! :wave:
  7. This is going to be a fun grow to watch.
  8. This is what i am talking about. A true test of grower skill here, back to the basics. Even though I have pretty much grown my own genetics over the past 12 yrs, I still have much repsect for the basics like this. I so tire of the grows with only knowledge of strains are breeder descriptions and fem seeds. This will be one grow journal I will sub to.
  9. You're right about that my friend. Its all about spotting the right way and imagining what the area will look like with the plants there. I will be irrigating with buried drip tubing that gravity feeds off of a hidden reservoir some distance away from the plants. Also, I never check my plants during the day or make the same way in any two times so as to not create a visible pathway or treading. Thanks for stopping by guys! Stick around!
  10. I have to say, i've been waiting to see your journal mate! Looks great and going to be a great season mate!

    Putting a chair down, Can't wait to see them updates

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    Yeah, its long overdue. My journal last year was pretty hush hush. Just wasn't into updating it that much due to my state of mind. But thanks for showing up and yeah, this year is going to be good.:smoking: I'm going out now to put the plants in their final resting place. I'll post an update with pics after Im done...gonna be a long day!
  12. when I was growing outdoors, I always scouted my spots the previous year and took pics and such of the surrounding vegetation throughout the year so I knew how it developed. I pretty much know how most of my plants grow, so I would match them up to the surrounding vegetation. I'm not a big plot guy; start 8-10 plants and end with 2-4 females worked well for me and was pretty much undetectable. The scent is was always my biggest concern.
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    That is a great method of really knowing what things are going to look like year round. I'm not a big plot guy either so this will rank up there with the most plants I've taken on in a while. The smell is ALWAYS a concern for me to dude, they are already STINKING to high heaven this season:D That's why when planting near the homestead, I ALWAYS grow as many aromatic herbs as possible. Sort of a way of throwing the passerby's nose off just enough to keep them un-entertained by the thought of cannabis. Usually, some rosemary, lavender, basil, and thyme will do the trick very well, seeing as how they are so overpowering.

    Well, I got a dozen of the babies in the ground yesterday. It was extremely hot and humid outside and digging through the area's red clay is no easy task. The thing about this red clay is that it is LOADED down with nutrients that seem "tailored" for cannabis so they LOVE it. Only thing is, that in order for introduced plants to actually thrive in it, one must amend it quite a bit. The soil mix i do for these guerrilla grows is pretty straight forward: 50% what ever comes out of the hole, in my case it is red clay, then I add 30% peat and course compost, 10% vermiculite and 10% perlite. My holes were near 2 feet deep and about 1.5 foot in diameter. So, that puts me in around 3.53 cubic feet for each hole, which is roughly 23-25 gallons. Trust me, digging these bad boys in the hot ass sun was not fun, so once I got done with the first 12, I decided to call it a day. I am going trout fishing all this week and I'll get the rest in the ground once I return. Also, I will get to work on the watering system and post pics too.

    Here are some pics of the area after the introduction of the plants. Notice the use of the large pale - I dig the holes out into the bucket, this way once I leave the area there is no new/loose soil ANYWHERE. Lots of little practices can make the difference between being successful or NOT(ripped, busted..etc etc)

    edit: there are plants in every pic here aside form the picture with he bucket, can you see them?

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  14. Very nice. I like the idea of herbs. You can also seek out native vegetation and wild herbs and plants which can throw off the scent as well.

    Being very detailed in how things are done is a major step in having a successful grow. Some feel just placing some No Trespassing signs in the area will suffice; however IMHO it attracts more attention than chases people away. Keeping old dying or dead vegetation over the freshly dug holes, keepng any form of rubbish to a minimum. All this can attract attention. I often dug and prepared my soil the fall before in areas I scouted, cover them with vegetation and mark them for use the following grow season, then the only risk was getting the seedlings there; the only rubbish being the containers. Small 4" peatr pots work well b/c they can go right into the plots.

    As you can see, I'm very excited about your grow. All we seem to see is feminised, Dutch genetics being grown outdoors usng every trick in the book. This is a true test of grower skills when you use unknown genetics, and are takng the time to scout and be very selective in how and what you plant. This grow is taking me back to my old days in the late 70's and early 80's before the Feds chased me indoors.
  15. Good info there. Digging the plots the fall before is a great idea. The ground here would still be soft from all the late season rain. *Note to self* Start digging the plots before its 90F+! lol
    I'm glad its taking you back Less, that's why I'm calling it the 2010 Guerrilla Throwback! I haven't been growing as long you though, hell I haven't been alive as long as you've been growing. I just know that these tried and true methods are what most of us go through when we first started growing and so that's what I'm attempting to do, take us way back old school :D
  16. I'm loving it brotha! I do something similiar when I dig my holes except I keep the top section full of grass and once I dig the hole I replace all the native soil with the grass/veg on top so it doesnt look out of place and its a super quick dig job when I need to use it, so I just re-dig and place the native soil in a tub too and add the fresh airy soil to the hole right before...also there are crops such as wheat and alfalfa that are great crops to grow the year before you use a plot...the alfalfa and wheat roots go very deep loosening the soil and bringing nutrients up to the soil surface for the next year...let them just die naturally so the nutrients decompose back into the ground and the MJ roots can use the alfalfa root tunnels with ease.

    It seems with each passing season Im going more and more oldschool guerrilla and trying new tecniques LOL I love your plot you should have some rock hard nugs with all that direct sunlight fo sho!!!!

    +rep and I got my chair pulled up!
  17. I'll follow.:cool:
  18. Good information here guys, pay attention!:smoke:

    Welcome brother, hope you stick around!

    Well here is a prime example of something all new growers should listen to: Before I left for vacation I planted 12 *hopeful ladies* in the ground. I was meaning to sprinkle the ole slug pellets before I left town, but forgot to run to the *depot and pick some up...well, NOT TO MY SURPRISE I found that only 7 out of 12 were left standing :mad: I knew what was coming, especially with the wet weather we had during my trip. 5 of the best looking ones were cut right at the All is well though, there are 14 more ready to go.

    The 14 that I left in the pots are fine and have grown quite a bit in 6 days. The ones that got put in the holes are still finding their mojo in the new soil, but Im sure things will blow up here soon. Stay tuned! :D
  19. Nice dude sorry for the casualties but we live a learn :) those ones in the ground I'd be willing to bet are growing like crazy...though you can't see it...they are developing their root mass then shortly you'll see that big boom in growth ...though you already know this!! :) It sure will be nice when cannabis is legal and we can meet up with other growers from all over without worry of being busted :D
  20. Can't wait to se the harvest of this one, I'm doing the same thing pretty much

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