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    I'm not here as a second amendment advocate or as someone trying to start an argument but, I'd like to know peoples opinion on keeping guns in or near your grow area? As a MMP I can say that we here in Michigan at least have stricter gun control issues when it comes to medical card holders purchasing and registering firearms. We are never allowed to CWP, but back to what I was asking; DO you find it more at ease knowing you have an added layer of lethality if someone tries to break in while you're there? Has anyone ever encountered a break-in to their grow?

    I'm up in the air on whether I should make the purchase, the place I'm growing has been broken into several times and luckily no-one disturbed my grow, not to mention I made my grow room basically a panic room. I still don't like that someone broke into the other part of the house though, it sketches me out. Is it worth it?

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  2. Any break-in makes one feel violated.
    While I can understand your concern, I must lock the thread, sorry.
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