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  1. Hello Blades,
    I am an avid toker and conceal carrying firearm owner.  Most people that I toke with are against the ownership of firearms, so I wanted to know if this is a common trait held by "most" tokers.
    Are you a gun owner?  Do you conceal carry?
    What is your favorite gun?
    I'll start...
    Obviously, I have some guns and I do conceal carry.  My favorite gun is my AK-74, its a AK-47 variant that was made in response to the M-16.  It has better accuracy than the AK-47 and can shoot a longer distance.
    Now you...

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    I don't think you should own a gun, you should own 10 or more. :D
    WE have an old 30-30 hunting rifle. no others.
  3. Avid firearm owner here. Have my concealed carry for a Taurus PT24/7 Tactical. Have an SKS, and a 12 gauge that was passed down to me.
  4. It is cowards who fear guns and think you shouldn't own them.
     You can see them doing 70 on the highway with a cellphone to their ear, or texting their friends about how dangerous guns are. But they'll tell you how responsible they are at it, and how they are safe...and that you shouldn't worry. Hypocrites, and cowards...that is what the anti-gun lobby consists of.
    My conceal carry is a .38 special S&W snub nose, 5-shot.  Its the guardian model with a laser, but the laser has a button on top to turn it on, so its pretty much worthless.
    Does that tactical Taurus have a 4-5" barrel. Kinda a big gun for conceal carry, but I do admit that sometimes I carry my .40
  6. Yeah but we all know who will be the first to die off if anything ever happened that required one or more firearms to protect your family.
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    I got a samurai sword. 
    I want a gun, but that shit costs lots of money. And my reasoning is, I will probably never have to use it. So I personally consider it a waste of my money.
    If I suddenly come into a fuck load of cash I might get a gun or something.  Plus, all my friends with guns its like they WANT someone to break into their house, or fuck with them so they can shoot a mother fucker... It's funny. Because if someone acts like they want to fist fight, the first thing they want to holler about is how they'll go get that damn gun. 
  8. This is what every person should carry to protect their families
    I don't know man, if I wanted to rob someone. I'd probably do it when no one was home. And when I did do it, I'd probably steal that expensive ass big ass gun too. 
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    Yeah that would be nice and a lot more concealable. I just don't know how I feel about revolvers outside of the range though. I've been looking at getting a laser flashlight combo for my taurus. Yeah it has the extended barrel and a 12 round magazine. It's a full size .45acp. I'm 6'7 with huge hands and need a larger grip, I usually have it holstered again my lower back, couldn't even tell when I have my hoodie or jacket on.

    @[member="Funk-D"] It's money well spent. Maybe I'll never have a need for it outside of having a blast shooting down range, but I would rather have it when I need it, than need one and not have one.
    Good luck...maybe you missed it. This cat had it in his trunk....I think that is his personal carry. Fucking Russians...
    Then I'd know you keep in the trunk, and bust your car window, pop the trunk, and steal that bitch while you in the gorcery store. 
    Most of the time people who rob you, already know you. It's not like the movies, or on the news where some random guy just picks a house, and is like that's the one! 
    I mean in my opinon. If a guy breaks into your house, while you're there. And he has a gun...he aint there to rob you. 
  13. The last pistol I had was a S & W 357 mag chrome revolver.
    I traded it for the big ass dragon tattooed on my back.
    Who knows, maybe he thought no one was home, but was wrong  :confused_2:
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    I don't know. That's too much money for a maybe for me. 
    I'm the type of guy where it's like. We can just go out in the back yard and duke it out if you have a problem with me. 
    But I don't have a problem with people who have guns, and if you want a gun fucking have it. I just personally think a lot of people who want guns just want to fucking shoot someone.  I hear them talk about how if someone broke into their house they'd light them the fuck up, and they have this fucking glimmer in the eye, almost like they WISH someone would break into their house. Just so they can see what this big ass fucking gun of theirs will do to a real person. Not just a paper target at a gun range. 
  16. Guns in my family are passed down from father to son upon death. Not only are they a legacy, they are an amazing hobby. I shoot all of my guns regularly when money allows, and It's an awesome experience very stress relieving to me anyways. 

    I dunno man, sounds like you know a lot of immature gun owners. Which to me seems like more of a reason to own a firearm. I think it also depends on how much you value yours and your family's lives. Are those lives worth less than the 500 dollars it would cost to buy a decent firearm? Would you really want to try and protect your family with a samurai sword, when they would be blown away before you could ever reach the shooter? Sure there's a lot of what ifs, but I have an answer for them, do you?
  17. CCP holder, and I'm rarely far away from a gun if I'm at home. If not, I always carry a handgun in my vehicle, and keep it in my hotel room at night.
    I'm partial to revolvers. I guess my favorite is my Colt .45 replica, shoots those big fat flatnose slugs and is deadly accurate.
    I also like my long guns, .22 LR and .22 Mag for pegging prairie dogs, bunnies and the like. I still want a .223 semiauto and a big-bore bolt action, 30.06 or maybe .300 mag.
    And my 12 gauge pump loaded with .00 buckshot, for this bastard and any of his buddies who come back around - 
  18. I'd recommend the 30.06. Been hunting deer with it since I was 13 haha.
    You ever talk to a cop? That's all them motherfuckers ever talk about when you ain't around.
    I'm all for duking it out. That is where they fucked up. When they stopped that shit in school they made the perfect environment for bullying. And the last bitch that used a weapon in a fight with me still has a colostomy bag from losing 12 feet of lower intestine through self infliction. And I don't mind wet work. Never did.
    As fat Tony says..
    I talked to a cop almost everyday of my life, I got two friends who are cops, my dad is a cop, my uncle.  Whenever I am in public I talk to cops that are on the beat.  And I know that there are bad cops, but they are few and far between. 
    All the cops that I talked to in my life have said that the worst thing that they could do in the line of duty is kill someone.  Just a different perspective.
    The thread is about gun ownership.  Go spew your hatred of cops in your own thread. 
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