Gun laws in america?

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  1. I live in the uk it is a pain in the ass to get a nice rifle of any caliber or a shotgun, can somebody tell me the steps or how easy it is to obtain a hunting rifle in America?
  2. well it is called the united states because we have 50 of them and they each have their own laws. But in many states you can buy a gun from wal mart while you are grocery shopping. You just have to pass a history check that you aren't a felon for instance.

    you can also just open up the classifides in the newspaper or local website. Very common to buy used guns like that. Also pawn shops, sports equipment stores, etc. Some states make you wait a few days, some make you wait a few hours.
  3. Better stock up 'cause Obama and Feinstein are gunning for the Second Ammendment :D
  4. ^ I can not foresee anything going through with it honestly.

  5. Why not? It happened under Clinton. Big pain in the ass that was...
  6. You havnt heard guns damn near grow on trees here in good ole 'merika!!
  7. Lol yea man its not hard over here. As long as youre not a felon. Also if youre a mexican drug cartel theyll give you guns
  8. Only makes Sence to let them kill each other, not thinking about civvys being caught in crossfire... Political mentality!
  9. in canada its easy take a course write 2 exams then sumit some paper work. u can now buy rifles and shotguns.
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    It's easy.

    Federal law applies to the entire country and requires that you get a "background check" which basically confirms you are not a convicted felon. The background check costs $25.00 and takes 5 minutes...the gun store calls a call center that the government has set up, then provides your info and gets a "Proceed" or "Do Not Proceed" response. Here in Nevada, the background check can be bypassed if you have a current permit that allows you to carry a concealed firearm (because those permits involve a slightly more thorough background check with local law enforcement, and they are regularly expired/renewed).

    After the sale, the gun store keeps a record of what you purchased and they must keep the record for at least 20 years to provide to the government upon request.

    Some states/counties/cities impose additional restrictions on top of this. Most commonly, a lot of places have a "cool down period" where you cannot come back to pick up your gun for another 3-10 days (the intention being to prevent people from buying/using the gun in anger).

    I do not live under any additional restrictions like that. I can go into the store, buy a gun, and be out the door in 15 minutes. IMO the big problem with that is the limited background check. It does not take into account things like mental health.

    Also, private sales between citizens do not go through the same process. It's a totally shady, person-person sale with no background checks or recordkeeping. This is known as the "gun show loophole" because there are always open markets set up for a weekend where people bring their guns/ammo/accessories to show off and sell.
  11. Go to Walmart, profit. In my state its literally that easy, so long as you are 18.
  12. :eek: say you had 2 burglary arrests but no convictions involving violence would you still be allowed to buy a firearm?

    Thanks for all the info guys much appreciated, I prefer to get information from the horses mouth rather then googling it haha

  13. I believe any felony charge will disqualify you from owning a weapon here, but I'm not sure how things like this work internationally. You might want to look into whether you'd even be legally allowed to move to the US with a charge like that on your record, let alone own a gun here.

  14. If he wasn't convicted I don't think that can disqualify him from owning a weapon.
  15. I'm in Canada and i desperatly want a .44 and since i dont have a record i'm pretty sure ill be eligble for it, be fucking stoked.

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