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  1. Hey GC whats up,

    Basically the story goes I was toking up with my Dad, and he says "hey man you should really start playing the guitar, with all the tutorials on the Internet it would be easy." I started to think about it and I recently started looking for good entry level guitars. A few of my friends have recommended different brands like Gibson, and Fender. I have also been told that I should stay away from Yamaha's.

    So, what does the city think, anyone have any good ideas for a started ACUSTIC guitar, thanks.

    P.S. This is what I am thinking of buying now,
  2. That starter pack doesen't look too bad, but that's all it is, a starter pack. After about a year you will probably long for something better. If you really want to learn the guitar, I would suggest saving up a bit more so you can get something a bit better that will sound nicer and be better for you in the long run. Still, if you're just playing for a bit of fun, then an Ibanez couldn't hurt.
  3. Thanks for your help piedpiper, anyone else have other ideas?
  4. yamaha 100s are cheap and yamaha makes a good product.
    But the biggest question to ask is nylon or steel string. most people will tell you to get a steel string because they sound more like an electric. you can play rock on them really easily and they sound great. I am currently looking to get a nylon string guitar because I want to learn classical guitar. different sound and thats why you need a different instrument. the choice is yours.
  5. Yamaha's are great I don't know who told you that. The Yamaha sister company (can't think of the name) is what you need to watch out for. Can't go wrong with a Fender, although those are sorta pricey (at least in my standards). Ibanez makes some good entry level guitars, but if you need an amp and all that then I suggest a starter pack because for the money you can't really beat them. Have fun though! And let us know what you end up getting!
  6. Try starting off with the eletric guitar. It would be easier. Atleast it was for me.
  7. To be honest, you're going to have to spend about $300 minimum to get something that's really playable that you won't outgrow within the first year.

    But for $300-500, you could own a very playable instrument.
  8. I would say the same thing. I don't get the fascination with acoustic guitars. I have one, but I have five electric guitars and I only go acoustic when I'm on vacation and don't want to bring an amp. I've never been that guy that plays DMB songs at parties and wouldn't want to be.
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    I pretty much started really learning on a $400 epiphone les paul. there's nothin wrong with it. i dont feel like i can't just dick around on an electric like u can on an acoustic. if you're teaching yourself, id go acoustic. im not saying u cant teach yourself on an electric, but it might be easier on an acoustic. just my 2 cents:cool:

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