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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newbeee, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. I started growing very recently. I have my setup in a closet. I will provide the details of the light and other stuff later, I just wanted to post here and let everyone know that I need some help to get this done.


  2. Hey newb welcome Im a closet grower 2. Not an expert by anymeans but been pretty succesful last 2 yrs fire away
  3. I don't know the variety I am growing as of now cause I got these seeds from a good bag of weed I smoked. The plants are like 12 days old. I have a Sunburst 400 Watt Metal Halide (MH) Compact System as far as the lighting goes. I have 7 plants right now. The temperature is around 85 F...what do you think. I have then on a 18/6 light cycle.
  4. you need to try to lower the temperture......70-80 is far do you have the lights from the tops of the plants?.....Peace out......Sid
  5. and kick it to 24/7 lighting
  6. I'm going to try to build a box type structure and move it into another closet. I knew the temperature was too high and this box structure I will have one intake and one exhuast kind of fan that will remove the hot air from the box. I have the plants 1 and a half feet below the light. This light gets hot ..damn....Gotta get to work and finish this box thing. Peace!
  7. Well I was using a 24hour cycle with my flouros, but I think Im going to switch to 18/6 next time. Now that im using HPS that dude gets hot, I do have decent ventilation now but I think the 6 hour rest will help keep the temp down during summer also will reduce the electric bill. My light seems to be good at about 18" from plant but distance is variable depending on your situation
  8. I have some boxes that I have straightened out which is going to be used as the walls of my new box. Do you think I have to line them ( cover the walls ) with aluminium foil and if yes, which side is harmless to the plants as the inside lining? Help...

  9. Just use the flouros when the HPS is off, if your plants are still young.
  10. If using foil put the dull side out, the shinny side can create hot spots on the plant, flat white paint works well to.
  11. Thanks guys. I will keep you posted. I appreciate all the recommendations. One more question....about fertilizer...for veg. growth and flowering can someone name a brand and give me a place to buy it from wal-mart,, or lowes or home depot.

  12. sir spliff u know u can post positive things too.

  13. Worm's Way is a hydro store that is very reliable and dependable, I highly recommend them.

    If growing in soil use Peter's for vegging and Shultz's for flowering.
  14. About the burning box ... The frame is made out of wood and the walls are hardboard, covered with foil. Its 3 ft X 4.5 ft X 5 ft . It will set upright where from the roof of the box to the floor is 5 feet in height. I figured 5 feet is enough for a plant.There will be two fans one sucking in air and one letting out air in 30 minute intervals. I'm hoping to keep the temperature around 70 - 80 Fahrenheit. Is this still going to be too hot and catch fire ? Help me out here.

    On a side note, the plants are growing really well, I might have to invest in a digital camera soon.

  15. I cannot find anything with a brand name like peter's or Shult's in the wormsway store ....Do you think they have it ?
  16. Hmmm..they might not have those since they deal in hydroponics and you're growing in soil if I'm not mistaken. Home Depot has those ferts though for sure.
  17. Ya like Vato said Shultz's is good stuff and I get it at Wal-Mart, I think its called "premium potting soil plus"
  18. Yo whats up man.....

    I would run to Michael's or your neighborhood arts and craft store and buy the sheets of Mylar to line the inside of the box.... I've recently heard that Mylar is one of the best reflective materials... also think about putting in a mirror on the top and one on the bottom.... that helps alot too...


  19. I got schultz miracle gro or something. The values are 10-10-10. Is this good stuff to put when vegeing ? if so, then what about when it comes to flowering ....? I have also got a window fan with two rotating things can have one exhuast and one intake in the same fan. About my setup u think the box catching fire will be a very probable .....hey Sid, NYC-Smoker, Nicdog ...and everyone else who has helped me ...thanks ....I appreciate all ur help.

    until the nest update.


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