Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tokemansam, May 31, 2003.

  1. Well Some Of the older members might remember me... had a lil run in wit the cops.... got some of my good stash ... ill be on here trying to provide some decent info for ne1 who needs help. peace out sam
  2. great to see ya back good buddy.[​IMG]
  3. HIGH All, bummer with the LEO Tokemansam...glad to see you back man.
  4. Welcome home.... This bowl's for you friend. :)
  5. dont smoke that infront of him man!!!!!!hes got the fuzz watching him...:) hehe.....i said fuzz
  6. Damn dude, that sucks. What did they give you?
  7. well not much on probhation n shit... watchin me... for all these people that blame the websites this has nothin to do with it... if they wanted to find you they will... so post pics of urself or w.e it doesnt make a difference.... cuz if ur jus posting or if ur showin ur self... cuz either way they can find you. but they have better things to worry about like coke ahah yeah gotta stay on the downlow for a few months but ill be back
    workin on an outside growin operation at friends ahah workin out great
  8. Welcome back friend! I hope things get better for ya!

    Becarefull out there!

  9. woulda been funnier if it was peachy mmmmm heheheheeeeeeeeeee :p okie dopey!

    welcome back tokemansam!

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