Guess Whose Back,back Again...

Discussion in 'General' started by jfresh420, May 23, 2013.

  1. This guyyyyyyy:D

    And just thought of this...ok so there's, liquor before beer you're in the before liquor you'll puke quicker....what is it for weed?Weed before beer you're in the clear,beer before weed you'll get sick indeed?....

    Little debate with my friends..
  2. Don't know you but welcome back.

    And I prefer the term "let's get fucked up".
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    I think beer before weed and you are safe indeed but weed before beer and the ladies will come near ;) or if you have weed before liquor you will get laid quicker 
  4. ...Jfresh is back, tell some men.
  5. Hi stranger, gay thread you have here.
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    It's beer before weed, niiice, weed before beer, niiiiice.
  7. Who are you, and when did you leave?
  8. idk...ive drunk beer before liquor and i always feel fine..but then again i have some really weird extreme tolerance to alcohol...yet i rarely ever drink it???
    ....i can drink 6 shots back to back, in less than ten minutes, and not really feel anything...idk whats wrong with me lol....
  9. Wow, what an asshole. 
    Why would you put the answer in the OP?
    You didn't even let me guess. Talk about being a tease. I was going to guess Franklin V. Canning, the inventer of Dentyne gum. 
  10. For some reason I feel like I remember you, OP.
    I think it's the colors of your avi, unless I remember from a previously visited website forum.
    What was your last username here?
  11. I vaguely remember the name/ avi...
  12. Beer before weed makes a me succeed.
  13. I'll give you two hundred bucks for it
  14. Grass b4 beer, your in the clear. Beer before grass, your on your ass. (Not really true)
  15. I heard it was bong before beer you're in the clear, beer before bong you're in the wrong.  I always do it beer before bong though but it does occasionally result in vomit depending on the amounts drunk and smoked.
  16. Beer before grass, you're on your ass.
    Grass before beer, you're in the clear.
  17. don't remember you but drinking before i smoke or vice versa has never had a negative effect on me
  18. Weed before beer your in the clear
    Beer before grass your on your ass
  19. Weed before beer you're in the clear, beer before pot you better not
  20. I like to drink and smoke simultaneously.
    If I am drunk and then smoke I get the spins and puke like mad.
    If I am high and drink, I tend not to drink as much, and am able to maintain.
    I guess I've always thought the rule of thumb was weed then beer.

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