guess who's back... back again...

Discussion in 'General' started by KronosX, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. hey what's up blades? I'm back. I know most of you must've been thinking i dropped off the face of the earth. Actually, probably not. But, lol whatever, i'm back and i'm stoned and ready to reacquaint. College life is turning me into an alcoholic, but i still smoke like ev-er-ee day. Whatever this is pretty pointless just anouncing my own return.
  2. Kick ass! Glad you're back, KronosX!!!
  3. sweet. nice to see you back..

    college, alocohlic? yeah ;) thatll happen...
  4. haha. kewl... i just got back myself. i'll be away again soon. and i wouldn't worry about posting just to say your back.... i did the same thing.
  5. College equals alcholism which equals blackouts which can be fun!! But anyway, welcome back!!!!!!!
  6. rapid succesion hits from four foot bong = floor

  7. Indeed it does..........but damn, its fun!!!!!!!! LOL. Take a couple of hits for me today since its the holidays and that means a time for sharing..............
  8. Oh, but the floor is so comfy.
  9. *ok, im gonna do this...inhale inhale inhale, allright, its full, gonna get a couple breaths of fresh air, and clear it we go...iiiiinnnnnhhhhhhhaaaaalllllleeeeee....oh..that wasnt all that it would be so comfy to lay down and let my mind reel and my lungs recuperate, ok, all i gotta do is put my hand down and support all of my weight and then rest my butt and then plop down a lil...ahhh FUCK IT im just lettin one leg go out from underneath me, ill fall, and be on the floor in no time *zoop*..BAM*

    such is my thought process after big hit.

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