Guess what I have in my closet...

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, May 31, 2003.

  1. This is the official "Guess what I have in my closet..." thread. There's a twist to it, though. I'm just gonna tell need to guess!!!! That's official enough for you, right?

    I'm a happy girl...I'm a happy girl... (must be read with a sing-song type of voice in your head!)

    I have a friend who grows the fun fungus. I was all happy cause I knew someone who did it but life got better this week. Dude hooked me up with my own special little project! This is so cool. I now have the fungus of fun doing it's thing here in my home! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

    The guy that hooked me up is like a guru or something. When he talks about all the different ways to grow them and then ways to munch them down, he get's this twinkle in his eye and he get's happy like he's all geeked up. It's kind of cute the way he gets. I love this dude....he just came over and said "Guess what I have for you?".........yes, we play guessing games around here, apparently...Geez! I'm also in the process of an early morning wake and bake and I always get higher than necessary (whatever that may be.) So if I'm making no sense then you know why.

    Point of post for those who didn't get it....

    I've got shroomage growing, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  2. WOOHOO!

    very happy for u...

    so happy, i did this...

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  3. Sounds like fun. Treat em good, eat em good!
  4. Shrooms are very unavailable around here. I wish I could grow em. How would I go about starting, anyone? Any websites? For some reason I'd feel a lot safer growin shrooms than bud.
  5. Way to go RMJL!!! Sounds like you're in for some fun! Keep us updated on the progress!!

    *Does super happy dance*
  6. LMAO....Im laughing from the pit in my stomach! you guys kill me!

    first off, RMJL, *you* have to know my head was spinning from the thread title lol...
    and digit, you rock! that pic made my week!

    well that kicks ass rmjl! nice lil project you got going on there! and tell your buuuuuuddy he kicks butt too! lol sounds like a fun guy! :) keep us posted!
  7. fun guy! HAHAHAHA

    (that was a joke right?)

  8. LMAO :D honestly I didnt realize...LOL
  9. YAY!!!! I love my picture. I'm gonna print it and hang it on my wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Digi-baby!!!

    Fun Guy!!! LMAO!!!! You're a fun girl, Sensi!!!!!! :D
  10. Go, RMJL. I,ve never done shrooms, but I hear it can be a kick ass trip. I'll just stick to my pot. Have fun, girl!
  11. nice one! sounds like your gonna be having a good time in a few weeks (or however long it takes???)

    I wish there was fungus other than mildew growing in my room.... :D
  12. Aww no one can point me in the right direction? I've never done shrooms. But from all I read and hear, it's something I would love to experience.
  13. Lucky you, RMJL.....
    My first grow attempt didn't go too good. I'm starting my second one in a few days, just waiting for my friend's spores. Good luck with the grow and have fun harvesting!
  14. nice avatar:D

    anyway, i was gonna grow some shrooms under the house. do they need light? has anyone got any links to a good shroom cultivation site?

    P.S. good luck RMJL:)
  15. oh wowie!

    i thought you'd like that picture, i just didn't think you'd like it THAT much! your new av!?!!! wow.

    you've been that yinyangleaf in my mind for soooo long, this is quite an image change, far more than a new hair do! ;)

    i've still got about 1000 shrooms in a jar, all ground up to dust now. (30-300 is roughly a trip with these shrooms)

    waiting for the solstice to take 'em.
  16. Dude, it made me so happy. When I look at it, I smile really big!!!! :D

    Plus, change is good. Everyone should change. We still have rights to our old ones (If anyone is worried about's an official rule if you all are high enough to do's like a game) but I say everyone change...even for one day. It's cool. It makes you feel all refreshed and anew.

    Cottons, will you please do it???? The freaky ice cream man is killing me. PLEASE!!!! :)
  17. Hey kidding? My friend DarkMatter36 is getting shrooms on Monday...(hey, that's tomorrow!)...and we're probably gonna make a spore print and grow our own too :D

    Well, we might forget too...but I hope we do, b/c shrooms are very hard to find here, and if we were growing them, we'd make so much money! Hot damn!

  18. A lot of skeletons? Hippie clothes? William Shatner? No?

    Ah shrooms.... Well- nice one RUMJ- Let us know how you get on why doncha. Nice Pic Digit...
  19. haha i was gonna guess a dildo......j/ long does it take to grow shrooms?!?!

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