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Discussion in 'General' started by Maitereya, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. if anyone can guess this they get a candy bar.

    "In this Croquet-Game, the balls were live Hedge-hogs--you know a hedge-hog can roll itself up into a ball?--and the mallets were live Flamingos!"
  2. well...its from alice in wonderland, i know that much.
  3. I'm just throwing something out there...

    Alice in Wonderland?

    Edit: Damnit, someone beat me to it!
  4. Alice in wonderland?

    EDIT: Damn both of you
  5. George Bush's adress to the nation?
  6. That sounds more like it
  7. Lol, that sounds like someone's whacked out on a Trip..
  8. alice on wonderbread?
  9. yae everyone wins a candy bar.:hello:

    i didnt think many people would get that since it sounds so wacko.

    ps. the general forums move rediclusly fast.

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