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Guess the strain! / pickup in Canada

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by terminalvertigo, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. #1 terminalvertigo, Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2008
    Hello Forum!

    First post here, just thought i would get some opinions and thoughts on my latest pickup.

    I am assuming it is indeed beaster, but will yield to your experience in the field ;)

    got an oz, smells beautiful, anyone recognize or find similarities with this and any other strains?

    Who i get it from doesn't know what it is, just that its pretty decent.;)

    this specimen is a 7g nuglet, nicest from the 3ozs we got.


    I would re size the pics, but i don't want to reduce the clarity of them, and have no tools to do it here.

    thanks guys

  2. the mids i get is usually longer and more seedy. that looks better then mids.
  3. Bc bud maybe?
  4. For one, your pictures are too blurry for anyone to tell what type of weed it is. Also, you can't tell a strain just by a picture. Even when you DO have knowledge of a strain, appearences can be different than what other's have seen. You barely even know if the strain you picked up even IS that strain, a lot of dealers will say anything to get that paper.
  5. Some blueberry ?

  6. Looks more like Purple Blueberry Haze Kush x Sour ATL Diesel-47
  7. i realize, and he didnt say it was anything, i am just curious if it reminded anyone of any specific strain.

    Ill try and take some better pics
  8. Nobody can guess a strain from a picture,
    it is essentially random what a nug will look like
    and every plant looks different and there are soo many strains

    plus whoever told you the strain is probably making it up anyways...
  9. looks like bc

    i'd have to see it in person though......
  10. its 99.9% impossible to tell strain on looks
  11. damn how many people are gonna tel em that shit dank is the strain smoking it is the can't tell from pic but it looks good to me.

  12. True dat..

    But Determining if its an indica or sativa wouldn't be as impossible...

    to the op;
    It looks a little beasty but good none the less

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