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  1. Guess the band

    *First album called _______ honey
    *Lead singer has worked in a mental home in the past
    *From Oxford- england.
    *Wrote a more obscure song called follow me around
    *Creeps, Loosers, Weirdos... BIG HINT

    I got bored so I made up a game- whoever guesses this one right gets to post the band of their choice next. And shit...
  2. Pablo Honey

    Lead Singer: Thom Yorke

  3. yay

    Name your band RMJL- or rather just give clues...
  4. This may be a hard one.

    The band is a trio.
    The members first names are Brian, Gordon, and Guy.
    12 albums have been made so far.
    You have to "add it up" to get the answer and maybe you won't get a "blister..." "Tonight"!
  5. Violent Femmes?
  6. I thought I gave too many freakin" hints!!!!!

    Your turn again, Switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. right okay- this is not just confined to me and RMJL i hope...

    errr.. ok...

    *Formed originally in 1993
    *First Album was Breakfast at _ _ _ _ _ _
    *Freequently writing Dear James letters
    *Living life to the Twat in the Fat Lane

    C'mon- you've got to get this!!!
  8. deep blue something eh?
  9. i *think deep blue something was right, so im gonna throw this one out at you...

    This band will welcome you to their party...
    6 members & 6 albums
    They woke up in 1996
    and you can hear them on a magenta radio.

  10. is it supertramp? i keep thinking of an album cover of theirs something like "breakfast at alice's" or something.

    boy i sure am smart today. lol i didn't read it right. 1993. shit, supertramp was around LONG before that. sorry, my bad. ha ha ha
  11. I know, Isis, I was getting into what you were saying until the whole 1993 thing!

    I have NO clue! I'm not giving up. But, my thinking cap doesn't fit well right now so, I doubt I can get it!
  12. Right- first album was breakfast at pappa's.
    The song "Dear James" was featured on fat wreck chord's compilation album called "live fat die young" and a song called "TWAT" called maurice was featured in Life in the fat lane.

    the band- CONSUMED!

    I am the only really big listener of new style and old style punk music (no that certainly DOES NOT include bands such as blink 182- the obvious exception being homegrown who seem to sound similar but are different and jerk circus who are also good) who freequents this forum to the best of my knowledge so i didn't expect many people to get this...
  13. is it Rage against the machine?
  14. aw my bad. i got all excited. sry. lol, a lil too high too ;)
  15. ok try this one....1)Contrarary to popular beleif they did not form overnight in a Glasgow coffee shop.

    2)there first album was in 1995 called Tigermilk.

    3)There are 8 members in all.

    4)They even get a mention in a John Cusack film called "High Fidelity"

    if no-one gets it unfortunately i'm going out and won't be on till tomorrow....Peace out....Sid
  16. It's 2 words. I can see it but can't think of it. What is it? Anyone? It's driving me crazy.
  17. can no one get it??....c'mon it's easy!
  18. it's Belle and Sebastian...oh well i guess next time i'll need to try someone a bit more out....Sid
  19. Since you didn't go...I'll go.

    They had their debut in 1990 as who they are now.

    6 band members.

    Lead singer released her solo album in 2001.

    There's hope...Tell me now before I sleep.

    I give way too many clues!!!!!!!
  20. I'm finding that one quite it 10,000 Maniacs?.....Peace out.....Sid

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