guerilla growing in puerto rico

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  1. havent been here for a min . but this are my girls in there garden up in the hills of puerto rico . its been a hell of a hump to get it done . but getting there . there is blue dream , white widow and master kush .

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  2. pics are super small
  3. yeah . had to take em with cell . last time tat whne there broke my camera climbing . they are about 3 feet tall now . fed em fish emulsion twice and ive seen a big difference in growth .
  4. neve done LST before but ive heard about it in this site quite a lot . i tried it yesterday on this 2 girls . how does it look ? did i do it right ?

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  5. Not bad. The desired results of LST are to have all of the tops the same length. Looks like you waited a little long on these, but keep it up, you will notice the difference in the long run.
  6. Yes you could have stared LST sooner but like Blueandgold said keep going you WILL notice a diference. One thing also...try using .032mm wire or around that thickness & make a 1/2 round hook at each end to hook the branch & the pot (poke a small hole in the pot if there is no lip) 1-as the branch grows you can bend & ajust the wire as needed to guide the new growth. 2-don't use string with a noose, the branches will get thicker. I know there are many ways, this is working great me me.

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  7. got it . i had second thoughts about the string but i went ahead and did it , thanks for the input guys
  8. nothing wrong with string, just don't tie it too tight

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